Katyuri and Chand of Kumaon By Editorial Team

Published On: February 26, 2018
h2>By Nitin Chandola

Katyuri Dynasty is said to be the foremost among the rulers in Uttarakhand who established the civilization in Katyur, Baijnath. This civilization was not only prosperous in culture but also by their intelligence. The inspiring architecture of Baijnath, Jageshwar, Kandolia in Pauri and...

Mythologies Residing in Sacred Groves and Lakes of Devbhoomi By Editorial Team

Published On: February 2, 2018
h2>By Arushi Jain

People around the state of Uttarakhand have different beliefs, customs, and religious values. That too in terms of different entities being temples, deities, water bodies, mountains, or even groves. Especially the people living in the rural or semi-urban communities have more reliance in...

Canals of Dehra in Perspective of Engineered Marvel By Editorial Team

Published On: January 17, 2018
h2>By Nitin Chandola

Canals of Dehradun are an integral part of each Doonite’s life, these are the basic source of our daily water convention. Dehradun’s

Kela Ghat temple near Rajpur canal

Role of Dehra’s Canals in Structuring Civilisation By Editorial Team

Published On: January 16, 2018
h2>By Priyanjali Bhalla

In a small valley in the Himalayas, a river sprung out from within and as it tumbled along its journey southwards it raised a civilization. It was the Rispana river. The landscape was beautiful with the backdrop of the Mussoorie ranges and surroundings...

Dehradun’s Canal System – A lost Heritage By Editorial Team

Published On: January 4, 2018
h2>By Anjali Agrahari

When it says that everything has both positive and negative aspects, the domination of British rule over north India has given Dehra a gift of value and innovation. Dehradun a city of rich water resources, Britisher significantly looked at it and realized that...

Why to Underground the Canals Of Dehradun By Editorial Team

Published On: December 31, 2017
h2>By Ayushi Nagalia

Dehradun, the city of paradise, is undergoing immense changes as a result of it being the capital of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is not known only for it’s ecological richness, but also for a rich culture and heritage that has been struggling to withstand the...

Editorial, November 2017 (Canals of Dehra) By Editorial Team

Published On: December 24, 2017
p>Last month was quite engaging for us as most of our columnists had their ongoing examinations. Hence, the November issue was overdue; but late is better than never. We were adamant to document the canals of Dehra since a long time and November, 2017 issue...