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Hearty thanks to all the reader for following our work. It has been a pleasant monsoon, we published The Doon Mozaic, Volume 2 with and overwhelming reader’s response to Volume 2 has doubled our enthusiasm. Hence, in this volume, we will be focusing on the perspective of art and culture of the state with a mixed focus on covering our socio-political perspectives. This issue on “Life and Works of Sumitranandan Pant” is the first installment of the upcoming Volume 3.

Sumitranandan Pant was a legendary poet and writer from Uttarakhand who has left his poems as a legacy which still inspires the poets of Uttarakahand. This issue is a reminiscence of Sumitranandan Pant’s work. A detailed analysis of his life, perspective, a legacy in Kasauni and his take on Gandhism and Aurobindosim can be found in this issue.

Pant’s works is an inspiration to the youth of Uttarakhand. In the same way, Sumitranandan Pant found his breakthrough to literature and reached the Orient, the youth interested in bringing evolution in their respective fields can also stand off the league. Prasoon Joshi of Almora is the best existing and manifestoed example of this.

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