the doon mozaic volume 2
The Doon Mozaic, Volume 2


Doon Valley is the most diverse place in India, not just because in its geographical conditions but in every aspect of this place. Dehradun has a diversity of culture, tradition and every other thing. Everything is beautiful from a distance, but the truth is always hidden inside, in the core. So, through this journal, we have tried to confront people with the truth. Sometimes truth leaves a flavor of bitterness but it is crucial to remove the screens of ignorance from the eyes of residents who are constructing their ideologies on the foundation of false beliefs.
This journey started from covering the culture, history and basic issues of the valley in the previous journal, however, this second journal took a very sharp turn, highlighting major problems being faced by the residents and blunders by politicians. Apart from that, this journal also enlightens the readers about the life of Swami Vivekananda and the mythologies that reinforce every religion. This journal is as versatile as the Doon Valley itself. It not only touches the core but also tries to make it transparent for the readers to understand Doon in a better way.

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