Authors are extraordinary in their own ways. Devika Das, a pioneering author was in Doon for Book Launch event of The Booknerds.  She exemplifies the statement “living life on own terms”. Her second book “The Mind Game” is based on the process of motivation and self-help during depression. Devika is currently working as a senior content writer in Gurugram. Apart from being a writer, she is also a salsa dancer and a theatrical performer. Here are some   glimpses of interaction with her.

Have you ever faced that stress or depression as you’ve mentioned in your book?

Not actually depression, it was more of peer pressure from parents and relatives. I was asked to live by a well-constructed social pattern, the pattern where a girl is subjected to marriage once has crossed the age of twenty-five. I have spent my life independently for more than thirty years and that is an example of my broad thinking, I may sound a feminist but, I don’t hold this view for whole society. I stayed depressed between the
age from 23 to 29 and it was a suppressing stage which motivated me to write this book. My experience broadened when I met people who were stuck in the web of deadly depression.

img-20161016-wa0004Motivation is also seen as a negative word in this society, a stereotype has been created against the people who believe and follow motivational speakers. What’s your view on that?

My book “The Mind Game” is a self-help book. The business that these ‘Babas’  and other motivational speakers are making today is a negative part of motivational career. The unauthentic religious sway is making money in name of orthodox beliefs and serving it as motivation. This is taking our society backward and deploying thinking process. Motivation should always be free, it can help a man to live an extravagant life.

Is depression a very serious problem?

Yes, people are not only depressed due to some loss in their life , many youngsters I met were ready to commit suicide due to less marks in high school. People are also depressed due to “envy”. The race of achieving success at young age, the aspiration of owing everything in materialistic terms and failure related to that cattle race is main cause of depression. Lack of proper parenting is another reason causing depression, taking care of the materialistic needs of a child is not a parenting, it includes spiritual and emotional entanglement too.img-20161016-wa0018

What are your ideologies and inspirations?

I don’t follow any person but, my mother is the one who guided me along my path, she was a theater artist and a radio jockey in the early days of AIR (All India Radio).

The time when I was pursuing theater, she refused to support me initially because of her bad experience as a theater artist however, she is the most idealistic person I have in my life.





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