A person with Pandemic propaganda

In the time of the pandemic like Covid19, the world needs what we call people with high Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient. Not only a nation in lockdown will suffer a great economical loss but also embrace the unwanted circumstances of an insecure future in upcoming time. As per the seen scenarios around the world, Lockdown and physical distancing was the most probable step a woke government can take if the pandemic was to be deaccelerated. The consequences of the unlocked country could have taken India to a whole new level of poverty and economic losses.

But, one thing among all these preparations of healthcare and hospital facilities, what the government was not prepared for was the person with the pandemic propagandas. These people are actively known to our societies, the news doesn’t call them with their classified sect, they are the people who are thriving and feeding in the times of democratic nations and are expecting to have unruly behaviour. These people are the most  generic in their thoughts and can be driven by their bossy heads who are in their part driven by greed and monetary benefits. Covid19 has been the highest of the pandemic disease our generations have seen and will be observing in the upcoming years till our civilizations developed the herd immunity against it, Swine Flu took us about seven years to develop a considerable herd immunity against it, still thousands of people get succumbed to the underrated pandemic in india. 

The person with the pandemic propaganda in these times is like a sucide bomber, with the expectation that if he isn’t able to accomplish anything let others suffer the same consequences. The tablighi jamaat in India has sorted out the same path in India, they will never cope up from this downfall of the community ever. The evidence online available showed that the people from a particular sect (Its human rights violation to name them) in India are still in a orthodox criteria of clergy and Blasphemy. Believing that a virus is for the “Kafirs” and will not going to have any community impact on their sect,without understanding that this could not only extinct the Human race on the face of the earth but also could lead to many unforeseen consequences shows the Quotient of their thinking. If the physical distancing and personal hygiene is not maintained the rate of the transmission could lead to the level never imagined before. Hence, remaining aware of the surroundings with pandemic propagandists is the most viable way of making your way out of this situation successfully. And rest can be done with Soap, Masks and Sanitizers

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