Those crumpled leaflets went down swaying and fluttering amidst the whirling wind and heavy showers from the sky accompanied by thunderbolts. Who could have ever imagined the dreary sufferings of that innocent damsel of sixteen, ‘Samaira’ certainly a name without any identity except being a shitty product of procreation in a slum. A remorseful-cum-sympathetic anal which she tried to portray on those leaflets some 8 hours before just in case it might help her soul howl like a hungry Panther thus driving her ephemeral pain out of her caged heart for a while. August 14, 2012. It was a horrifying weather. It rained cats and dogs that night. Suddenly a flash of light peeped in through an open window in order to witness the active state of Samaira whose trembling hands tried to spill the ink of emotions on those chaste leaflets. There she goes on with a flow…starting with those heart touching lines- “ chalni kr diya hai seena mera, daag di hain hazaaron goliyan…. , thk chuki,jaane aur kitna staayengi ye darindo ki toliyan.” On and on…. she went with a flow diving into the pool of her deadly past. She was just 4 when she started to observe her surroundings, deplorable conditions in which she survived inhaling the stale fragrance of those rampant diseases which usually knocked her so-called area’s door as dirty as hell with an ironical name plate ‘Sundarbans’. It was an awful surrounding. 1-1-copyHow can one survive in such a pathetic area full of garbage and litter all around? Merely a congested unhygienic area with 20-30 straw huts deprived of sanitary and other basic facilities. But Samaira was used to of living in that replica of hell. She still remembers at an age of 10 her chastity was put to risk witnessed by those fucking assholes when she went out in an open area to dispose. Innocence accompanied by unawareness forced her to jump into that dreary pit of child sex abuse. For 2 years, she had been a source of entertainment for those dark figures of Saturn. Time went on. The clock’s hands never turned into her favor. No sooner did she step into teenage than she was instructed to make money by her aunt Sunaina. In an uneducated and senseless mind the seeds of wrong means grow faster than the seeds of righteousness. Samaira began pick pocketing. She was compelled to do so, as she had no other choice because she was very well aware of her aunt’s nature if she (Sunaina) didn’t get any money she won’t allow the per day meal to Samaira, the only thing that filled her belly everyday arousing a little stamina to trod in the same path of wrong means blindfolded every morning. One fine day Samaira was following a man at the railway station ready to steal his wallet, cell phone and a golden bracelet which he wore in his right hand. She was very active in it as it was her daily routine other than her unhealthy evening meal. No sooner did she try to snatch the chain than her hand was held by that guy with such an intense force that she felt a jerk and stumbled in front of that tall creature. Fear was overpowering the innocence in her eyes, her face pale and whole body started shivering akin to an epilepsy attack. But as soon as her eyes met those glistening eyes, her fear went away all of a sudden. She could sense a kind of positive vibe while gazing at him. Those sober words “Myself Sameer!” echoed in her ears bringing her out of her half-trance state. He had a burger in his hand, offered her showing the kind of inbuilt manners which he was taught in his childhood. Seeing that burger Samaira’s belly howled forcing her hands to grab it and her mouth to take instant bites larger than her life’s boulders. Looking at this action, Sameer smiled and said, “kal milte hain yhi pr” and bade her goodbye._mg_4417-copy

That night she wasn’t offered a meal by her aunt but that burger was enough to let her go through that chilled night. She just waited for the dawn to appear. The very next morning she just hurried towards the railway station. Reaching her final destination, she saw that tall, dark and handsome guy again. He had a notebook and a pen in his hands. Coming near he whispered, “padhna chahti ho?” It was a kind of dream come true for her. Every time she saw those school buses carrying numerous children in those lovely uniforms her heart admired them, urged to learn what they learnt. The day had arrived listening her inner small still voice which screamed “I wanna learn”. Days went by. ‘A,aa,i,eee’…. every word absorbed by her mind which had been blunt before. Now what’s being desired isn’t always admired. Time went against her. Her aunt Sunaina had sold this piece of amusement to a big dealer just for few bugs. Her sweet sixteen turned into the worst sixteen. A stream of tears rolled down into those leaflets making her realize her present worth and there she was shut in a room full of darkness unable to see a single ray of hope. She still remembered how she awaited that dawn of 13 but tonight she wished an end of this treacherous world. Time isnt the same…Quite ironical. She being very well aware of the fact that with the sun’s first ray she would be traficked abroad. Ending the matter with these lines- ” Zindagi ne jo gham diye.. muskurakr vo maine piye…afsos, hota mera bi koi wajood…agr jlte mere jhopde mei bi asha ke diye” With this emotional note she stepped near the window flunging those leaflets out in the stormy weather with the last hope for it to reach at that  corner where the reason behind her emotions are taken into consideration. Her next morning would be mournful or cheerful all depends on the final destination of her content….






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  1. Aachi story haii… quite touching … touchy lines … specially involving hindi quotes.. explains her soul from inside.. goOd wOrk Megha … hope to see your next upcoming stories…so on n on n on…?

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