A society with intellectual women makes it more powerful and respectable. Meena Garg, the owner of Abhivyakti Art School Dehradun, stands on this term quite well. She is a residing in Dehradun since fifteen years and is a housekeeper cum professional lady. Having a master’s degree in fine arts, she has set a mile stone for our society being multitalented in field of design and its technology. It takes courage, to follow dreams after marriage in this society. Where most women tend to quit, she took a step ahead and her dreams for this society is greater than ever. Here is her short interview.

What brought you here?

I belong to Bareilly and did my masters in fine arts from the same. After my post graduation, I got married and started to peruse arts as my hobby in Rishikesh. I worked as a free-lance art tutor and artist at first and then I and my family settled in Doon, fifteen years back. I started ‘Abhivyakti’ as my hobby at first however; I got a huge response and started an art school where I taught passionate art scholars to help them build their career in this field.

What kind of potential you see in struggling artists in Doon?

Doon has got what artists and teachers like me want. I must say that over a span of fifteen years, I‘ve taught many young students, their  talents and skills have always amazed me from time to time. Doon has potential in this field, the only thing needed is channelizing .

Among all of your own works, which one does you like the most?

Well! I never make such selections for my work, as I love my work either good or bad but, one painting that I like the most is “tribute to a tree that was cut down ten years back, that tree is in memory of every Doonite”. Cutting down trees must be avoided for a mere expansion of roads, in fact; we should encourage de urbanisation of our city. This kind of deforestation will lead to desertification of our city.

People in Doon search for white   collar jobs for their children, many of them don’t even let their children to make choices regarding profession.

 I think parents should let their children follow their own passion. I have two daughters and I feel proud that they chose their own field of interest. It should be child but not parents who should decide the career for life. Parents must support and guide them on a righteous path.

What are your future goals?

Yes, I am planning since past several years for a studio and now I have taken a step ahead for it. I am inviting faculties and professionals from different fields of arts including my sister to start a new corporation in clothing and painting.

 In what way you find Doon to be different?

It’s an ideal city, and for an artist it can be an inspiration. The aesthetic beauty of nature that resides in it, inspires me. Besides that, climate of Doon is surprising every time. However, since last five years, the traffic has become one of the main headaches and for sure some step should be taken before it gets too late.



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