kedarnath flash floods

by Nitin Chandola

On the 15th of February, 2017, the fourth legislative assembly polls were held in Uttarakhand to select the state’s ninth chief minister. Our state is not only in a satirical but also in a pitiful state. Political parties have ruled our state to increase its instability and disabilities. Uttarakhand, with the badges of achievements like illegal mining, unemployment, migration, environmental depletion, river bed encroachments, administrative corruption and ill-will governing skills, is at a stage of COMA, paralyzed by the political scenarios created by the two main parties i.e. Congress and BJP. Uttarakhand is a breeding ground for immigrants all around the country. Hypocrisy has roused to its maxima; things are getting worse for “Devbhoomi”, a drastic increase in crime rates in cities like Dehradun and Haridwar are a knell to the perception of these cities being peaceful.

Uttarakhand’s Chief Ministers have been a headache since the formation of the state, the anti- leadership skills of the political parties has lead the citizens to pseudo-democratic conditions. While our political leaders were sabotaging political ethics for the Chief Minister’s office, mafia captured the villages in Himalayan regions for illegal mining. We are all aware of the fact that our leaders are involved with the mafia, that they do not have faith in the Himalayas, that till now we have been conned and looted, but in an era when more than 40% of Uttarakhand’s population is planning to migrate and main stream media is paid by political powers, expectations of an improved Uttarakhand are meagre. Yes!! Such is the condition of Uttarakhand.

In 2013, the state was shuddered by the Kedarnath tragedy, however, the citizens were conned by the administrators of the state, yet again. Many bureaucrats spent nights in luxurious hotels that cost no less than Rs. 7,000 per day. The ministers fooled the citizens by giving false hope of sustainable development in the region. The ineffectiveness of the Congress Government was at such high level in 2013, that the disaster management reports of 2013 (during which congress was at centre) declared 169 dead and approximately 5000 missing.illustration of kedarnath floods

It’s a shame for Harish Rawat’s and Vijay Bahuguna’s administration that couldn’t foresee and hence allowed such a mistake in disaster management reports. Instead of taking the challenge for better Uttarakhand, Bahuguna was succeeded by Harish Rawat, who was then a centre’s minister for states. Rawat’s strategy to curb the situation of disaster and calamities remained in state of filing process and till the end of his term in 2016, no progress was made to control any disaster in the Char Dham route. 37 skeletons found in the summer of 2016 reflected the government’s policy of finding the missing pilgrims. Since 2015, Rawat’s major focus has been on the election based campaign “CM for Youth” and his search for some sympathy for the conditions he received as a legacy.

BJP too has the same stance as Congress, Nishank succeeding Khanduri as the CM was a dramatic incident, and shows the lack of morality in any of the political parties.
UKD shows the same condition, a party which participated in every aspect of creating and fighting for Uttarakhand, was divided for personal benefits, and now they stand nowhere in state front.
At present, we have no considerable regional parties to create a better alternative. Ruling and opposition consist of a bunch of anti-futuristic MLAs who are doing nothing but making life a nightmare for Uttarakhand’s citizens.

Our state that once fought against environment depletion during the Chipko Andolan, is now a breeding place for Mafias. The major cause of the people’s misery is that inexperienced politicians have been ruling and fooling us for ages. We can easily observe the anti-futurist nature of the ministers by the government’s opposition to eco-sensitive zoning of Uttarkashi during 2013-14. Not only political parties but also the regional people are unaware of sustainable development techniques, the formation of Doon as a monotonous concrete forest is a resulted from inexistent creativity in policies of the government. The same pattern has been applied to all the other regions irrespective of their geological and seismic situations. Illegal mining in the area of Bageshwar, Champawat, Nainital and Udham Singh Nagar are ending the sensitivity of Himalayan regions. The soapstone mining in Bageshwar and other districts of Kumaon and Garhwal shows the effect of unemployment and unsustainable development in the region, adversely affecting the farmers in the Himalayas. The Immigration of residents to the cities and towns in search of employment has alarmed the mafias about the availability of huge mining resource present in the Himalayas.  Those days are not far when this state will be under the control mining mafias, as it is money that drives the politics in Uttarakhand; and money is donated by none other than Unknowns (Mafias).

Believing in the fact that changing of government will lead a change in the progress of state is an illusion. BJP in this election with ex-congress members tried to convince people to vote for them, but the picture of BJP in a common man’s perspective is like a mirror image of Congress. Adopting all the “Dalbadlu” questions, the morality of BJP as a party has degraded drastically.
In 2017’s legislative assembly elections, BJP was a group of “opportunists” that tried to create hype in the state by projecting PM Narendra Modi. The sense of discrimination got struck when Yashpal Arya was given the ticket from BJP just after six hours of leaving Congress. The level of political greed in BJP is at orient, the party which opposes the nepotism in politics are now the victim of this serpent. Without understanding the fact that a group can leave the running government in  sake of power, greed, money and personal interest, and can change their moral in days can also cause harm to upcoming government too. Most common lag to our society is that we settle for the things as they are. Today, Ideals like Gaura Devi, Chandi Prasad Bhatt or Sundar Lal Bahuguna are not focused on, instead of having regional heroes, we have “Gandhi’s” nepotism ruling all around the state.  The Congress was among the parties that were against the formation of Uttarakhand. Forgotten heroes of Uttarakhand Andolan dwell in ashes with no trace of their footprints on our new generation.  We are happy with the Rispana, Balliwala and Ballupur flyovers that make us believe that the government is doing its work effectively.  A flyover with multiple practices of tender distribution is an open corruption case. Two, four-lane flyovers were converted to two-lane flyovers. The citizens of Doon were fooled consciously.

chipko movement Most of you must not be aware of the river front projects; it’s a plan of making Dehra a beauty. Most probable prediction by MAD (making a difference) is that Rispana will be a dump for the real estate to be built at the banks of it. The Riverfront project is a clear violation of NEERI’s report, with a severe financial and life loss, a calamity is definite for this river in the years to come. It’s not that the present government is behind these scenarios; all the parties that have ruled till now are the root of this level of pseudo- democracy created in Uttarakhand.

Increasing level of pollution and slums in Dehradun, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar have political agenda behind it, the ill-will of parties to convert the slum dwellers to vote treasure is not a new strategy. Providing space to these slums and regularizing them is a disease for these cities. Drug addiction and distribution is the key factor that rules as a crime in our society. Slums are main cause of increasing smack and drug consumption. The poor’s greed for money forces them to supply drugs; the unsatisfied higher class of societies are their pouch buyers, which in return are increasing the crime rates in the city.

There are many things our government will never work because it’s partisan policies does not allow it to be the state’s guardian before being a member of some political party or another.  There are thousands of issues like alcoholism, drug addiction etc. which need to be dealt by the Government of Uttarakhand.

But till now, “we are being fooled”.

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