handwara encounter dinesh singh

It seems that the insensitive Uttarakhand government toward the Martyrs of the nation belonging to the state is increasing day by day.  The people of Uttarakhand have not forgotten the Handwara encounter and martyr Lance Naik Dinesh Singh. After 15 days of the incident, the Uttarakhand government has not released any kind of relief for the family of the martyr Dinesh Singh. If we compare to the frequency by which the Uttar Pradesh government has reacted to the loss of its soldiers By announcing Rupees 50 lacs and a government job for the family of the martyr Colonel Ashutosh Singh.  Whereas the loose response from the  Trivendra Singh Rawat government and insensitiveness by which the Martyr was neglected to provide some kind of monetized assistance and support to the Martyrs family.

 Initially, when there was no announcement regarding the monitor as help to the Martyr  Dinesh Singh’s family,  we may assume that it must be due to the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic situations.  But after 15 days the situation remains the same. In the Handwara encounter, the Army lost Seven of its brave soldiers of which Lance Naik Dinesh Singh was one who bravely fought against the militants then Handwara,  Jammu, and Kashmir.  being from the state of Uttarakhand the people of Uttarakhand paid their respect and condolences to the martyr. 

 Uttrakhand participation in the Indian Army has a large fraction as most of the youth of Kumaon and Garhwal are not passionate to join the Army for the sake of the nation.  In past decades Uttarakhand brave soldiers have shown that nation comes first as far as internal security and the country’s security matters. 

 The BJP government in Uttarakhand which claims to have a nationalist taste bud has acted poorly in supporting these Army people which are not only serving the country but also sacrificing their personal lives. Many reports suggest that transport minister Yashpal Arya attended the funeral of Lance Naik and promised the family to provide each and every kind of support if needed.   Martyr Dinesh Singh’s father served as a Subedar In the army.  hence, the compassion of serving the nation was in his blood since childhood.  Such kind of brave young youth who served his Jhooth for the nation should not be taken as granted by the government. 

Another case of Nayak Rajesh Kumar from Punjab,  who also served and sacrificed his life for the nation in the Handwara encounter stands upfront of the Uttarakhand government where captain Amrinder Singh the CM of Punjab released financial support of  10 lakh rupees to the family of the martyr.  These actions were taken within two days of the incident.  but it’s a matter of shame that the government of Uttarakhand is neglecting their Brave swords in serving their family in the right manner. 

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