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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kerala stands in providing a silver lining to the Indian Healthcare system as the mortality rate in the region is less than 2% and the recovery rate is more than 60% as per the data given by Ministry of Health and Welfare Government of India. When the first case of the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19  was observed in Kerala the advisory provided by the central government was strictly followed in the region and there was a full preparation for the upcoming rise in such kind of cases. As per the government officials of Kerala, they are also ready for the second wave which could be happening and is not foreseen at present. Kerala model and the Healthcare facilities are discussed these days mostly in relation to the COVID-19  pandemic. Kerala has also become the first of the states to which ICMR has given the license and permissions to perform plasma transfusion treatment among the patients suffering from coronavirus.

 Under this kind of circumstance when most of the states like Maharashtra Delhi Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh finding its way out of the vast outbreak of  COVID-19 pandemic. Kerala stands as the silver lining to the hardworking health professionals around the country providing a definite model in containing this deadly virus. According to the professionals and the health minister of Kerala, the experience of containing the Nipah virus is said to be the key of developing the frequent containment strategies in the state.

Where most of the states in India were only aware of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. Kerala experienced 3 coronavirus cases in mid-February. The advisory from the State Government of Kerala declared a state emergency in such a small outbreak.  Which led to precise containment of this vastly spreading virus in such a small fraction of time. In a sense, we can say that the lockdown has gone perfectly for Kerala as it would have been in India. 

 But there is a hidden point behind this success story of achieving the least fatality rate not only in India but also around the world.  Being at the top rank of the health index 2019, which was released by Niti Aayog shows that the small state like Kerala with the complex demography never took Healthcare facilities and its availability for granted. 

 Kerala not only topped the health index survey but also shows the way out government should get focus on their domestic health care services.  This is not to be taken that other states’ health facilities are being criticized. But let’s say we take Bihar in a sense, the state has been getting ransom of funds from the central government for the last 20 years only for encouraging and fulfillment of the health facilities. But the way Bihar Government seems to have no clues and lack of facilities in the health department shows that administrative and the political system in the region remained in the hands of insincere leadership.

One of the journals by Jama network states that the latest transfusion plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients seems to have positive results when tested clinically for samples of 6 subjects.  As soon as these results came into the consideration and online Kerala’s health and medical department applied for the transfusion therapy straightaway to the ICMR. This step is also showing a lesson for many health administrative Services that to stick to the latest real-time data sources which are not only reliable but also so have scientific temperament leads to to the frequent curbing of pandemic and epidemics. 

This transfusion plasma therapies reported to have shown frequent recoveries in Kerala and it is foreseen that ICMR will now in some days or in a week going to apply the plasma transfusion therapies nationwide.

 If we compare the COVID-19 cases in Uttarakhand, most of the traces that recovered are from the ones who have foreign travel histories.  The states report, that 31 cases that are active have more than 70% of the cases from the outbreak of Nizamuddin Markaz. In Uttarakhand, it is clearly seen the rate of testing of the quarantined patients is severely low and is not exceeding above 120 tests are per day.

 The number of cases in Uttarakhand is also low because lockdown was imposed just the day Janata curfew was observed around the country. Otherwise, as per the conditions of the Healthcare system in Uttarakhand, it would have not been easy to tackle and contain this deadly  Wuhan coronavirus.

Hence these  clinical trials around the nation are the silver lining in the states like Uttarakhand which are situated in the Himalayan region seems to bring a ray of hope that there are some tools on which the medical department can rely on for coping up from this situation

By Nitin Chandola

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