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In assembly election 2022, it seems definite that the high court of Uttarakhand will be standing as a viable candidate to make sure that the reliable constitutional machinery can work in the Himalayan region. The way the major decisions of the BJP led Uttarakhand Government has been challenged in the past six months shows that the misleading decision coming from the divided bureaucrats into groups in the administration will lead to the downfall of the double engine perspective of the government. Whether it’s the decision of bringing back the immigrants from around the country to their native state or the decision of providing better Quarantine facilities to these immigrants in the remote Himalayan and in the well-developed cities like Dehradun and Haridwar.

 Many other issues that citizens of this state have seen and have literally observed regarding the administrative mishappenings like failure to implement a better policy and a viable campaign To strengthen the economic sector in the state.  Instead, the Government employees are paying to the government funds to fight COVID 19 from their personal salary accounts on the basis of nonrefundable policy. The question stands that if the government has already waived the special dearness allowances of the employees for a year, then why is there a need for a forced policy of donation of one day salary of the employee for each month. This question stands as the hottest topic for a week, which was also challenged in the High court of the state. 

Be it the matter of city planning, removal of the encroachment, providing the Social Justice to the regional people of Uttarakhand.  Providing better facilities of electricity mobile networks drinking water.  Other issues like Health Care,  issues of relations between government employee and employer, and of the performance of the present government in the past three years.  All these matters have been challenged in the High Court of Uttarakhand regarding the present government’s working culture. 

 In the past month, the government was challenged on the allowance of illicit mining by the top leading bureaucrats in the administrative system.  The case LED into the High Court created a clear perspective that the government is highly dependent upon illicit mining and has clear-cut propaganda to provide the perennial rivers and their valuable minerals to the Mafia based mining contractors in the region.  There have been many insights into the working culture of the present BJP led government in Uttarakhand of which the lobbying of the administration and it’s oriented bureaucrats are the major loopholes that are playing with the future of Uttarakhand only by acting as an opportunist. But the joy of completing 85% of the promised work by CM Trivendra Singh Rawat during his completion of three years as CM in the term,  the question stands adamant in the ways of the youth of Uttarakhand about the unemployment in the region, lack of facilities in the region with the challenging task of dealing with the unreliable and opportunistic parties with no agenda and plan to bring Uttarakhand to its Pride. 

It’s the concern that will be going to have such parties in the future where the decisions will not be based on the majority of the interests instead it will be based on the personal interest of their Red Tape lobby.  whether it is Congress or whether it is BJP, the people of the state has seen full-fledged Prince of both the sides and The picture is rather much clear that the consent politicians whether from the weather of the native place how much educated they are are only concerned with the political images that the Great among their parties and among their followers.  the prime focuses of the candidates we are choosing Anar legislative basis making fool of us by a change in parties which clearly shows that would have any kind of ideology neither capitalism no nationalism instead  The Chosen politicians in Uttarakhand are only acting like horses which are open to take credits and boast of their political images but when it comes to playing the positive politics, these hardworking and honest politicians hide into their burrows. 

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