The doon mozaic print magazine

Buy The Doon Mozaic in print magazine are available  Volumes. Handcrafted with the original essays and columns focused on the literary works and the mythologies of the native Uttarakhand. The works in this print magazine  compiles the works of Kumaon and Garhwal in a broad perspective. Our team of columnist have made every possible effort to make this issue both concise and knowledgeable. The Volumes were focused on making a coverage on the big picture about the architecture of Uttarakhand in perspective of its mythologies and the cultural aspects of the region and its effect in the world.
Unlike in last two volumes of the Doon Mozaic in prints  magazine, we have tried our best to make this a guide to the cultural aspects of Uttarakhand. One can start reading about ancient Katyuri Kings and end up knowing about the brave women participation in Uttarakhand Andolan.

My aspirations from this issue is not only from its geniuses of the data collection and research but also from the quality the essays are woven around a themed topic. Though, this volume was planned to be released in February but, Uncertainties of time forced us to make this possible in April 2018.                                           

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