It's time to go indigenous

The lockdown imposed during the coronavirus (COVID 19)  in India and around the world has provided the world with the major challenges of globalization.  Globalization caused the phenomena of outsourcing the resources from the different countries by which countries like China became the biggest manufacturing hub in the last two decades. The pandemic like coronavirus COVID-19 was unpredictable as far as the consequence of the capital structure of the world was seen.

But from the past three months since the coronavirus came into the criteria of community transmission around the world the Lockdown  Boss imposed in various countries that used to access the resources from China showed a major loophole in the globalization capital structure.

 Most of the countries around the world were accessing the medical facilities from China in the aspect of manufacturing at a low cost. As soon as the lockdown was imposed in Wuhan China there came a shortage of these medical supplies around the world.  When this pandemic broke in the countries like USA, Spain it and India there was seen a huge shortage of medical supplies.

 Many experts around the world found an amazing loophole in the globalized capital structure as most of these countries lost the touch with the indigenous manufacturing units. In the past month, the world has seen enough from the Chinese.  The kits for rapid COVID 19 testing that has been supplied with personal protective equipment to various countries like Italy Spain Czech Republic and India were found out to be faulty with more than 80% damaged products. India itself has received near about 50k of defected PPE kits from China to sort out this shortage of the medical protection gears, Which were found to be nonqualified as per the Indian Medical equipment standards. 

The countries dependent on globalized manufacturing never focused on was majorly effective enforcement of indigenous manufacturing technologies in their respective countries.  Making a centralized unipolar manufacturing hub like China has cost the world with the worst consequence of the unforeseen biological pandemic.

 For the last 2 weeks, WION  has been reporting the inconsistency of Chinese administrations.  There has been a great concern that China would have been looking forward to creating the medical market around the world by using coronavirus spread as a potential key strategy.

What we should expect when we get out of this endemic is the biggest question of going indigenous in a country, where millions of people are dependent on the external supplies of the medical equipment seems to be a good step which can cope not only India but other countries around the world which are dependent on the centralized manufacturing country like China.

The major concerns that indigenous product faces in the country are the brand power that multinational companies usually dependent on. Due to which the customer base suffocates for the indigenous companies in India and in many of the countries very easily.  Hence it will be interesting to see that what path will India adopt in the section of make in India campaign to boost its economy with the help of the indigenous products and to stand in the international markets with reliable brand power and a viable image.

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