The confused CM of Uttarakhand is not a decision maker

From the past experiences during the lockdown of the COVID 19 pandemic,  CM Trivendra Singh Rawat seems to be in utter confusion in providing the way out of the lockdown scenario.

 His frequent decisions and their more frequent rollbacks have confused the public of Uttarakhand.  those who are struct in the neighboring States due to their migration are not only cursing the leadership of CM of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat but also are in distress that the overall attitude of the Government of Uttarakhand in providing the clear cut strategy to revive the local economy has been a failure. 

His consecutive three decisions firstly unregularised liberation given to the zones affected by covid-19. Secondly, opening up the local markets in the Orange zones and at last bringing back the migrants from the states all over India has failed which is easily observable by its frequent rollbacks of the decisions. 

 In 2017 when the BJP government was chosen by the natives, ‘double engine’ was the basic slang that was provided by the locals to the development in the region.  But after 3 years it is clear that not only government failed to provide basic amenities in the region,  which is clearly reflected by the rate of migration from the districts like Pithoragarh Almora and Pauri and Garhwal but also that CM Trivendra Singh Rawat is the worst decision-makers during such critical lockdown situations too. 

 Suffering from the economic losses of nearly 8000 crore rupees,  Uttarakhand will be dealing with the economic losses further in upcoming days too.  As 80% of the economy of Uttarakhand generates revenue from tourism and education, And these sectors are expected to close for nearly 120 days suffering further economic losses.  In such a state where the people and the natives will suffer from poverty due to their dependence on the tourism-based businesses, there seems to be no plan by Trivendra Singh Rawat’s “Double engine” government to revive the SMEs and MSMEs. 

It’s a common scenario that MLAs MPs hideout just after the completion of the elections, many of us don’t even know their names too. This is the most common scenario in our native communities which in Garhwal and Kumaon are witnessed. The Tehri’s People are trying to search their MP Mala Rajlaxmi Shah at this time of the pandemic, whereas there is a severe loss of identity among the MLAs in the region. 

The main reason for such rollback of decisions can be and it seems to be the insufficient capabilities of the government to handle the departments like Road and transport and Finance and Industries. The insufficiency of the utilization of the power by the Uttarakhand Government has also been reflected by the growing rate of unemployment just after the lockdown happened. 

The overall control of the state is seen in the hands of the Bureaucracy where the different forced views are reflecting the decisions of the CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. 

when the decision rollbacks are done within 6 hours, Lack of understanding of the governance is clearly reflected in the works of the Chief Minister.  The level of unsophisticated handling of the situations at the primary political level is up to such an extent that a single sanitization tanker bought with taxes of citizens of Uttarakhand has to go through the inaugural ceremony by VIP leaders. There is no one in the state to have the responsibility to answer that what the State government is planning to revive the economy for the lower middle class and Middle class that will be suffering the most with this pandemic? 

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