by Nitin Chandola

Children with bare body keep lurking around in dilemma of getting some money for dinner. Beggars, with a hope of “meal for a time” is what media knowingly miss to cover. In Delhi and other metropolis, such scenes are quite common but in a city like Dehradun such issues have increased drastically with the increasing number of inhabited immigrants from states like Haryana, Bihar and Punjab. Days in Doon are like open books but the nights are damn mysterious. The city gets deserted after 10 pm with no clues of existence of humans, only traces are of travelers heading towards their destination. Neighboring towns like Hardwar and Saharanpur still provide the facilities of twenty four hour open gas stations but, in Doon none can witness any fuel pump providing service beyond “eleven”. Though, many bars and pubs are open at night for the haves of the city who have no clue of life and are gifted with wealth.But each coin has two faces. There is a face of joy, fun and comfort on the other hand there is struggle, sacrifice, poverty, hunger, crime and more. “No matter how much ‘bhapka’ of Dehradun we portray across the world, there is something we can’t prevent happening and the harsh truth is that we aren’t even bothered about that, and this city is going to become next metropolis with highest unmanaged lives” remarked Pradeep from ISBT. Some five or six years back, the nights at Doon were only about large heard of civilized citizens of Dehradun lined up for alcohol in local ‘thekas’. Even students of renowned colleges had an impact of this alcohol thing upon them which has been carried along with time and a student from one of these colleges, Akash conveys “I started taking alcohol to live my life in a royal manner, I always used to get influenced byimg_0659-copy the ads depicting the drunkards as stylish and achievers”.

The drunkards are surviving because of the government. Since ages, we should learn from Bihar on how to create revenue for other sources other than alcohol.The pros like “suraj ast pahadi mast” bring night into life. Not only Dehradun, but complete Uttarakhand is put to shame. According to TOI, winter line fest of Mussoorie is one of the key witnesses to what impairment drunkards do to this region. “Mussoorie is surely converting to Saharanpur or any other city famous for crimes and morals according to Ruskin Bond” was captioned in one of the papers of Mussoorie. The immigration of non-verified people from various regions is a silent bomb which is paying back in form of a crime. Maximum criminals caught in Doon valley are from  Muzaffarnagar, Moradabaad and other Uttar Pradesh’s crime dominated regions. “Nights in Doon were haunted with a low crime rate fifteen years back” says Sudhir Awasthi, a retired government officer. But such state of affairs doesn’t exist anymore, a place which was supposed to be for retired citizens distant from hooligans and night insecurities. There are many other perspectives of night in my city but creating a stereotype of “safe and heaven” for a city like Dehradun will be named as blind following.

Days are bright but nights are dark, everything is interlinked and as we know one thing leads to another. Standards of living have improved by the time, and with these standards there is a drastic increase in crime rate of Dehradun in past three years. Nights provide shelter to most of the crimes that are taking place; maybe a tight security would help but people hardly want to work hard they want high salary with absolutely no work.

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