equations of a being book review

Published by Notion Press, Equations of a Being: A Being Who Gathered Moss is Ashutosh Gupta’s debut book. The book features an attractive blue cover that shames the saying ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’.

The book is divided into sixteen chapters which are more like fragments from the writer’s life. They effectively cover all the aspects of life that can possibly be thought striking or provoking in an artist’s life. Each of the chapter features 2-15 free verse poems, quotes, and epigrams.

Equations of a Being is a collection of thoughts that effortlessly transcribes the beautiful chaos that every person experiences at least once in their lifetime. In his debut, Ashutosh Gupta’s succinct and beautiful observations of human nature and its gains and losses leads readers to understand their own journey in love and self-discovery.

The subtlety and the level of truth embedded in each page of the book is what makes the book an interesting read. The epigrams comply with all pop-culture rules that make poets like Lauren Eden a huge hit among the readers. The only thing missing is an individual title for teach epigram/poem. Referencing to any piece of work without any title or reference number would be vague. The pieces included in the chapter ‘When I Figured out Virtuous Exitance’ and ‘My Eventual Understanding of Feminism’ are so heartfelt and well-thought that they leave the reader amazed for a fraction of a minute.

The book is definitely a good read and leaves behind such imprints in the reader’s mind that the book becomes immortal.

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