by Shivani Sharma

The sun was about to touch the horizon,
This is how she used to see her desires drown.
She saw her hopes travelling along the smoke fall,
Through her window she waved them all.
Locked in a room with fragrance of her lost love,
Fragrance, she always wanted to get rid of.
Though her treacherous nights were spent in despair,
She would close her eyes to shut her tears back.
Drowning in her deepest thoughts,
She cried upon her existence choking her throat.
There was an alarming presence at door,
Trembling as she stepped on the frozen floor.
She saw an ugly figure when she peeped out,
She perceived the threat without any doubt.
She stared at her wreck which people call fate,
She tried to step back but it was too late.
Her solitude was being noticed,
Her purity was tainted.
A fragile spirit was destructed by a dementor,
Like an empty soul cursed forever.
There was nothing left in her hollow world,
No salve for her bruised soul.
Trying to drown in her deep oceans,
She hunted for some baseless reasons.
Those oceans were deeper than her cuts,
She was frenzied by despair, solitude and lust.
Every night she wished to end this war,
And every morning, sun would rise to heal her scars.

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