by editor -in- chief

A part gets nearer to us during night, because in the darkness of the universe, there is only the interim soul on which we can rely on. Many cities get projected about the night’s fun and delight they have. As far as my Doon is considered, it is sober; it doesn’t have pubs and bars (we don’t even want it because those who wanted it migrated to metropolitan cities). Hence, the concept of making an issue on “MY CITY AT NIGHT “became challenge. For compiling this edition we created “night gazers”, to whom we allotted the task of collecting the most unique abstracts at night in Doon. Common places like FRI were excluded due to pre allotted perspective in people’s mind, so our “night gazers”defined new perception to city and took awesome shots.

Nights in Doon during summers are about late night shopping and late night walks with friends in mohollas under clear sky. Many kids grew up to adults following the same. Here nights not only strengthen the social bondage but also sets Dehradun apart from the metropolis race. Many run to Mussoorie, George Everest gazing stars; many compose music and writes novels. Doon serves all and provides its best. The silence, the calmness, the incredibility, but there is a lie beneath these words, and these shackling issues are the part of this month’s “issue story”. I would like to thank my team, especially “The night gazers”. Editors, writers and columnists were the key to make this photography special issue more adamant and attractive.


Happy Reading!!

Editor –in- chief