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Editorial, January 2017

My dear readers , the book you are holding currently is our first printed journal for Uttarakhand. Almost six months ago, we began writing for Doon . The effort to cover the whole of Uttarakhand with a creative and dedicated team is at pace .The idea that arose in 2015 evolved in 2016.With the help from initiatives like the ‘The Booknerds’ and ‘Making the difference by being the difference (M.A.D)’ in the form of content creating strengthened our will to work in socio-political and literature setting .This volume of The Doon Mozaic is a compilation of all the written essays , articles, stories and  poems submitted by our team mates and readers. From the esteemed high-class bands to low-lying unhygienic slums of Dehra .

The journal has focused on various sophisticated issues of the region ; making it one of its kind in this town .We will continue with our efforts to portray the real face of Doon in every volume . Walton’s book on Dehradun “The Dehradun Gazetteer” describes the citizens of Doon as lazy and of delayed reflexes .We faced the same problem while compiling contents for this issue . Although ,there was a limitation of people who were interested in writing and that too voluntarily however, we managed to form a team of dedicated writers and columnists . Skilled photographers and illustrators were a cherry on the cake .

I would like to thank Arnav and Deepak for being a part of this initiative when they were most needed . A sincere note of thanks to veteran writer and journalist Mr.CharuChandra Chandola for helping us to figure out the course of this journal .Personal assistance of Ritika Chandola while proof reading and compilation was quite helpful . Our effort to start with a summarized version of Dehra and Uttarakhand will be in progress for our second journal estimated to be in prints by August 2017. We would welcome and appreciate your support and participation .

To know more about the initiative visit us at www.doonmozaic.com .

Happy Reading !!

Nitin Chandola


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