Being at Doon is one of the greatest experiences of life because it’s all about easy and comfy life. This city is both metro and traditional. Being at Doon can be choice for both sober and enthusiast as, it is both calm-o-matic and attractive destination. It’s been, since the city has changed after the formation of Uttarakhand but, there still remains something we Doonites search for.

  1. Food

There is much more we like apart from Chinese. Though,  “momos” are our love of life and easily available at each corner of the city but, we expect new food each weekend. Hence, a real Doonite is always in search for different cuisines restaurants. We expect donuts corner in every possible corners and fruit beer bars with hard rock café in best possible location in City.


  1. Hangouts

All we take care is of our hangout plans , a weekend without a trip in outskirts make life hell .the plan of bunking classes an visiting Asaan Barrage during winters for bird watching is executed leaving no clue of it. Living a student life in Doon is one of the awesome feeling one can get. One’s college life is mostly limitless with memories due to the infinite hangouts.hangout-gif


  1. Exotic places

Outskirts here in Doon are one of the most unexplored areas ,we dream of exploring each village in the hills and near rivers with soothing sites and amazing off road experience. Exotic for us mean a source to refresh us emotionally and spiritually.travel-exotic-locations


  1. People

Dominated by “ pahadi” culture the, Doonites are most social people compared to any other north Indian cities. Call it a natural character of the region, we know about our neighbours even in estates era. We love to connect to people with most courteous way mentioning them by “aap” in first meet whether it’s a kid or an adult.

  1. Holidays

Doon has a perfect quality of imposing sober nature, to the most aggressive being ever. Once you in it you can’t be bad again. Even the winter and summer vacations can be felt like “springs”. We love to sleep during holidays rather than single day off. Being an educational hub, one can ask to an average student, about his first and last love. The answer will be the same i.e; “to sleep”


  1. Cleanliness

Ask a real Doonite about what was the status of city fifteen years before? He will describe it as wonderland where a land was full of sugarcane plants and basmati rice crops. The city can also be described as”a no plastic city” .But after capitalism, hike in land price and urbanisation caused the development in the cost of cleanliness of the main city. Hence every Doonite has a dream to see that wonderland again.


  1. Greenery

Well! Doon is full of tress and greenery. But as far as the outskirts of main city is considered, a time was there when a whole lot of eucalyptus trees were present in the main part. Many of us have find our gardens as an alternative. But a city full of dark green part is still what we are searching for.


We are in search for the elements which directly connect us with the nature. Being a part of Doon after fifteen years, has afar and changed with a great difference .The one who belongs to this city, knows where the heart of Doon dwells.



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