Priyanjali Bhalla

He sat there like a statue , motionless and stiff ,as if life had gone out of it .But there was a deep state of vision and luminescence of the highest eternal bliss mirrored on his countenance. One could just sit there and watch his beautiful face beaming with ecstasy on knowing the Ultimate Truth .When he came into consciousness again he explained with immense joy that he has found the answer to the greatest problem of his life. He said , “I have found oneness between Macrocosm and Microcosm. In this little Brahman of the body everything that there is exists, I have seen the whole universe within an atom !”

He had been visiting Nainital as guests of Babu Rama Prasonno Bhattacharya with his gurubhai. He was eager to visit Badrikashram (Badrinath) and had decided that he would undertake his journey without a pice. On his way to his destination he stopped near a flowing stream to take some rest. After rejuvenating himself in the nearby stream he sat himself under a banyan tree and became shrouded in meditation .The Himalayan lands fascinated Narendra since childhood .It was as if these lands called him towards themselves to reveal or give away some secret. And as destiny allowed him, he visited Nainital ,Almora and Hrishikesh among other Himalayan lands .Though he had a dream to spend the last days of his mortal life in the lap of Himalayas ,he couldn’t here stay longer. But no matter how short was his stay he always experienced heavenly bliss and was one with his God in this ‘Father of Mountains’. He explained that after seeing this land where our forefathers, the founders of the great Aryan race tredded,all other past experiences seemed nothing! His very first journey in northern India, the ancient Aryavarta ,vividly brought before Swamiji’s eyes the eternal India, the India of the Vedas ,the Aryans, the Dravidians and the Moguls. In northern India he discovered the spiritual unity of India behind her diversity of races ,creed and customs .He visualised that the apparently disintegrated India would be unified through the influence of Sri Ramakrishnan. Swami Vivekananda‘s master Sri Ramakrishnan Paramhansa endowed upon his dearest disciple the greatest spiritual knowledge. After passing away of his Guru ,Swami Vivekananda made his main aim in life to illuminate humanity about the Ultimate Truth and lead them to oneness with God. While being occupied in imparting Truth to the eastern and the western world, he even sought solidarity for himself .In these spiritual hours he was the monk only ,busying himself with reminiscences of his Master ,with meditations on the nature of God and soul and yearning for that condition of absolute beatitude which comes to him who merges his own nature in that of the Supreme. But each time he sat himself to be lost in the unfathomable depths of meditation he felt the Divine Spirit would not allow him to steal himself within the caves of the Himalayas in exclusive meditation .He said , “Whenever I plan to practice spiritual disciplines ,the Master puts some obstacle in my way. I strongly feel the sense to work to be done.”He felt the strong force to devote more time travelling to distances to propagate the teachings of his Guru .When he came in contact with people he always had a message for them.

During one such period in the Himalayan lands he got enlightenment about the similarity between the macrocosm and the microcosm .The spirit of the Himalayas helped Swami Vivekananda reach his climax of being a spiritual teacher. .He visited Hrishikesh hallowed by the memory of the monks and the ascetics since time immemorial. Here he lived on alms along with his gurubhai and studied scriptures and meditated intensely. In Hrishikesh he felt as if the holy Ganges which almost encircles it , with its pure ,transparent, cool currents , breathes incessantly into the ears of devotees the gentle murmur of the sacred note of renunciation, “Hara ,Hara ,Hara !” To a normal soul the beauty of these Himalayan lands would keep them attracted and bound to this place , but to a great soul like Swami Vivekananda’s it taught the lesson of Renunciation –the path to be fearless and to be one with the universe.

swami Vivekananda dehradun
swami Vivekananda

Being born as a human , having the eagerness to know beyond what is just visible ….. the Ultimate Truth and to be able to reach that level of Moksh are the three gifts of Prakriti. But even after being born as a human we waste our precious life gifted to us to elevate our souls to be one with Him ,in running behind materialistic wants .Thus the most important lesson that’s humanity needs to learn is that of renunciation . When one detaches itself from all sorts of physical , emotional and mental concerns of the world he could truly diect hs complete concentration to discover the Truth .The greatest form of renunciation is from the fruit of our actions. He who can unselfishly do his errand and leave the botheration of the outcome to the forces which run this multiverse can truly give his best. Doing the job for the sake of it and not for the sake of its outcome . We all desire freedom. Freedom from one thing is no enough , it soon makes us to be slave to another .Absolute freedom is found in Him .He is the ultimate freedom. Swami Vivekananda‘s own life was explained radiant to this very fact. When we understand this idea of freedom and discover ourselves we learn that we could never perish .He is endless. We are a part of Him and when we connect ourselves to Him we too become endless. Now to attain this state we need not search on the outside. For what we search on the outside is forever present on the inside . The idea of macrocosm in the miscrocosm. The human body is a universe itself . The God we search on the outside is the very living soul within ourselves. He is the life; the living element . This dual aspect of the Universal Soul is eternal . So what we perceive or feel is this combination of the Eternally Formed and the Eternally Formless .The whole of the universe exists as innumerable folds expanded beyond limits. But the truth is that it completely confides itself in the very mortal human body which is governed by the soul -the part of the creator himself ,the working living form of undying light .What we do is create boundaries ,limiting ourselves to the structure of the human body . When the truth is that if we look beyond and search in the depths of our soul we learn that we are omnipresent .Our soul continuously draws energy from the outer universe . We depend on the universe and universe depends on us .Its like the soul embracing itself .Soul into soul into soul and so on ….the never ending cycle . But all that is in just an atom .The atom of the universe . Thus the Macrocosm in the Microcosm! Swami Vivekananda said , “Adjust the microcosm which is in your power to do , the macrocosm will adjust itself for you” . All the power is inside you .Discover it, believe it. That’s all you need to do .



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