Uttarakhand economy and youth development to eliminate regional disparity.

Uttarakhand economy:-

Twenty years before, Uttarakhand was separated from Uttar Pradesh with hope regional, and social development. Uttarakhand is consisting of three regions knowns as Kumaun, Garhwal, and Jaunsar area. This is a well-known fact that Uttarakhand is enriched with a number of natural resources and has the potential to explore new developed economic phase. As per the various government report,a number of problems exist in spite of reporting good State GDP.
One cannot completely rely on GDP. GDP is only the quantitative measure to forecast and predict the economic activities whereas qualitative measure include different indicators like quality education, health facilities, and infrastructural development including road connectivity, transportation facilities, communication, and networking technologies.
Moreover, Uttarakhand is not reported at a good position in qualitative measure. Due to regional and geographical structure, this state faces poor road connectivity, health facilities in a hilly area, transportation and networking issues in remote areas. Therefore, all situations are floated in front of policymakers.
Henceforth, the solution existed in the state only. The young population of the local region can contribute to developing these qualitative measures. Here a number of potentials are observed in tourism sectors including spiritual and adventure, organic agriculture, and cottage industries. Many
NGOs and institutions are working in hilly areas to uplift the social and economical status of the local but unavailability of basic amenities force the local youth to migrate.
Kumaun is found more developed and sustain regional equality than Garhwal and Jaunsar area
because of the old setup and early economic development task. Whereas, Garhwal and jaunsar are lacking of this regional equality. Plain areas of Garhwal region are full of facilities and unlike these hilly areas are deprived of all the essential infrastructure.
In this article, the focus is made upon the solution along with the problem. A number of observations and studies are indicating that the solution exists in the state only. We need to reallocate the resources. Youth are required to attract with new entrepreneurial policies in the untapped areas of agriculture and tourism. As many NGOs are working to train and providing skills to the youth to start their own entrepreneur set up at small level. This model can be replicated at huge level area to area to stop migration and develop the youth entrepreneurship.
Now the question arises, how this one policy can have multiple effects. Once this skill model expands in different areas, Migration can be check that will increase the population density of the local region
and influence the marketing and banking activities. This market can develop a network with another market and can prove to mitigate the regional disparity.
With the market influence, social and economic advancement can be achieved. Again, social and economic advancement can eliminate the regional disparity.
In Uttarakhand itself, a number of diversified cultures exist. Jaunsar region has its own culture, Garhwal has their own folks, and Kumaon has its own traditions. The fusion of these three diversified components can bring a revolution in the tourism industry. Apart from spiritual and adventure tourism, the state can be excel in cultural and traditional tourism with the promotion of local artist employment.

By – Jagriti Jaiswal

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