It wouldn’t be not wise to pronounce the term political instability synonymous with our state, Uttarakhand. It all began on the eve of inception of Uttarakhand on November 9 2000. Ever since has the structure of Uttarakhand government been engineered by the leaders dissenting from  BJP and Congress, respectively.

The political game began when B. S. Koshiyari revolted the then Chief Ministership of Nityanand Swami who was believed to be one of the cleanest politicians. The soft spoken Minister supported the cause of struggling labourers and took part in many other such protests for a good cause. Yet, Koshiyari along with Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank refused to take oath as the Cabinet Ministers in the interim Government, as a revolt against his Chief Ministership. However, after a censure from the central leadership he soon joined the state ministry. Nevertheless, his idea of bringing Nityanand Swami down owing to the fact that he was not a Pahari, conjecturing a loss of mass support, had a major influence on the party leading Swami to step down. Further leading to Koshiyari’s Chief Ministership itself, for three short months until the first ever Assembly Poll which happened to be conducted in the year 2002. Where Congress took over making a fabulous comeback especially after its Ram Mandir Agitation and Koshiyari’s alleged no clean Government. Congress won a humongous support when it claimed to get a Ram Temple built at the site considered and also excavated to be a massive Hindu Religious Building which had later been overbuilt by the Babri Mosque. Whereas, It flash floods of 2013 in uttarakhandwas pretty shocking for the BJP Central Leadership as it was BJP Itself that had created Uttarakhand.

Veteran N. D. Tiwari was selected as the new Chief Minister of the state. However, soon Harsh Rawat intervened acting more as an opposition leader than a significant member of the party itself. Yet, owing to his stature, Tiwari completed his 5 years un-disrupted.

The second Assembly Poll was soon conducted in the year 2007 with BJP’s victory over Congress leading the Chair to be now controlled by B.C. Khanduri who was believed to follow his honest ways. However, yet another game was witnessed when Koshiyari opposed Khanduri’s Chief Ministership which was backed when the party lost all five Lok Sabha seats in 2009 General Elections. That was the time when he convinced the BJP Central Leadership to let Ramesh  Pokhriyal take over as the compromise candidate. However, his ministry, too, succumbed after two years, surrendering it to B. S. Khanduri for his clean image for the following six months. The same man whose honesty and strict no-nonsense ways earlier offended many within the BJP state.

Yet, again Congress took over after the 2012 Assembly Poll, selecting Vijay Bahugana as its representative. This further prompted Harish Rawat, the then Union Water Resources Minister in Manmohan Singh Government to orchestrate a campaign by his supporters against Bahugana. His supporter legislators continued their dharna at his residence in New Delhi for 18 days before his supporters were given plum berths in the Bahuguna ministry and a Rajya Sabha seat. His revolt was backed when a devastating natural disaster struck the state in June 2013 and Bahugana’s government was witnessed handling it clumsily. Bahugana’s Government was accused of not only its criminal negligence by not evacuating the stranded people in time leading to their death in floods and landslides but also its poor provision of relief and rehabilitation. That was the time when Harish Rawat is believed to have had convinced the National Vice President of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi to believe that he was the best candidate to fill the post. Fulfilling his life long ambition, Harish Rawat took over as the eighth Chief Minister of the state one year ten months post the 2012 Assembly Poll. However, although Congress replaced Bahugana with Harish Rawat as the Chief Minister, following the news of mismanagement, little seems to have changed.

So basically, we, as citizens, have been of a major significance throughout the hassle. And that significance emanated from the only role we got to play ever since the inception. The role of playing fools in between this competition of our ministers to have an upper hand, by only getting victimized.  From falling victim to bungling, to witnessing the leading party shielding the criminals by not installing police stations in required places to an alleged deal to award liquor distribution. Also falling victim to the delusion of secularity when even the poor ruling party has to make sure that its top minister belongs to a caste as that of majority of the citizens of the state. Moreover, it is all right for our ministers to change parties if they find their home party not entertaining them anymore. However, as we cannot go around changing states, the only choice we, as citizens, have is to change the government. Sadly, yet again.



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