Editor's Note

After March 2020 the world is not the same. Hence, our work was also the part that got disrupted during the lockdown. The issues of the social-political sectors were almost stagnant as the country was and still is facing the drastic impacts of this epidemic developed by the micro-sized virus. From past 6 months, our work and writings got constrained to the situation. 

The present issue of September 2020 is the reflection of what happened under the session of these six months. The first issue after the unlock of the lockdown will be available on online portals in prints and Kindle e-books. 

 Adi Shankaracharya in Uttarakhand was the main theme of this issue on which nearly 5 columnists participated with dedicated stories on podcasts conducted during the past 6 months with some special people working and making a living in Dehra. 

Amidst lockdown, Doon Mozaic recorded an increase in reader base. Hence, we have decided to remain more visible on the online platforms and prints from this issue. Undoubtedly, we are thankful to our readers for accepting our content in their kindle and other online libraries.

Nitin Chandola


The Doon Mozaic

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