by Prakshep Singh Bisht and Shriya Negi

Not very far from Mussoorie, Nag Tibba the highest peak in the lesser Himalayas region about 3,022 meters high is situated 16 km away from Landour cantonment, around 57 km from Mussoorie in Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. This place is believed to be an abode to ‘Nag Devta’ and that is from where it borrows the first part of its name; ‘Tibba’ is the local word for a hill.  The complexity of the range and the beauty of Himalayas set a perfect platform for trekkers to explore the composure and the intensity of the nature. Recently our group ‘Uttrekhand Tranquility’ organized a trip to ‘Nag Tibba’. Uttrekhand tranquility works to provide treks and camps in the state of Uttarakhand, “The Land of Gods”. We believe in making this region tidy and alluring and are working for the betterment of the state and aims to get highlighted in every nook and corner of the world. Nice weather, crystal clear sky and fresh air after heavy downpour adds to the composure of the environment and set a perfect atmosphere for trekking; taking advantage of such an approving weather our group of 8 enthusiastic young lads started our trek early in the morning from Dehradun. The first milestone was Vontari village, a base camp for Nag Tibba which is a two hour drive from Dehradun. On our route to Vontari we stopped at a road side dhaba for some refreshment and at Teva village to pick our guide Mr. Subhat Singh Rawat.  From Vontari there are two routes leading to Nag Tibba, the easy one is for beginners and the other is a bit steep which is definitely for professionals. We took the complex route and started off our trek. The path was clearly laid through the dense forest of Oak and Deodar. After a straight two hour long trekking we stopped in the awe of serenity and harmony of picturesque

Devalsari village outlying from an open land. After having some food which we were carrying along with us, we resumed our trek. On our way we encountered a bugyal (grassland) also known as ‘Taal’ which is remnant of an endorheic lake.

It took us another two hours to reach Nag Tibba temple. There was more to that place that met the eye, the mesmerizing site of the temple recite its composure beyond the bounds of contours of those mountain ranges. There stood a two storied ‘Nag Devta’ temple dedicated to snake god. The temple is very sacred to the pious locals and people visit this temple to pray for better harvest and prosperity.

Among the clouds on the top of the mountain, the beautiful snow covered the mountains encompassing us. From there a beautiful view of famous peaks like Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch and Srikanth added to the eloquence of that place. The mesmerizing view and the ambiance of that place worth that exhausting 5 hours trek. We started our journey back to base camp from the other route. This route was a bit different rather quaint, the trees were laid with wild fruits, the path was a bit interesting and we were back in the base camp in just 3 hours and stayed at the forest guest house that night.

A very scenic and beautiful Nag Tibba trek exhales and eradicates all the tension and negativity out of one’s soul as one definitely redefines him-self or her-self. If someone is looking for a weekend adventure, this is a perfect trek which is small and can easily be covered in a day and at the same time it is beautiful and refreshing.

New trekkers should definitely start off with this one. Heading your list of treks!



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