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Feminism is what we are hearing from the day we came to existence. No matter females in India has a inferior condition than the other countries but, that doesn’t mean that males have superior condition too. The moment the feminist movement took platform in India, from that utter movement, there got a gap created between males and females of India. The misinterpreted feminism caused the males to think that will females now going to dominate them. Many cases in India is seen that point the misuse of the word “feminism”. Here are certain point that shows that being a man in India is not that much easy:-

  1. You are always seemed as a primary earner of the family.403781759

  2. To get married you first need to get a job.hackers-get-a-job
  3. If men beats women “he is brutal”, if women beats men “he is weak”.mad-men
  4. A man is always expected to be tough.tumblr_m6t3mwd0kl1r57hfc
  5. Men are seemed as potential rapists.rapist
  6. You are being used in many ways but, didn’t got back what you deserve.
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  8. The criteria of “a devoted son” bounds the men to live a free life.17070592

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