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Your freedom is the proof for the society’s level of thinking hence one should not considered this as tool for commenting insulting and offensive things for others without evidence.sethtakesonterrorismandfreespeech_c6320d_5423165       

 We live in the era of practicality

Everybody now have smart gadgets with average reach on internet. The era for other aspects like relationships too have changed so does the career paths are changed, most of us feel unadaptable to this change but, the truth is that we have entered in age of practicality.86822090-0456-0132-6ffc-0add9426c766

We are the one who drive the economy of nation

Many of us are working to make this nation a super brand in upcoming days many of us are working as entrepreneur, we must know that advancement of technical and marketing aspects are its part. Hence upcoming changes in our life is for nation’s benefit.

Mind our own business

Biggest problem in our society is that we interfere in other personal matters whether it is related to well known celebrity. Hence we as a civilized person must help others others  in there problems but off limit interference is awkward.giphy-1

Stop being a dickhead in front of woman

Many of us believe that woman is impressed by the person who makes her laugh but, most of the time instead of being hilarious we become a dickhead which irritate the surrounding environment.

 Each of us have different course of living life

If there was no difference between all of us there would not have been any fun of living in a monotonous world  hence, respecting the difference in living standard should define our maturity level.is-difference-ok-gif

Optimism is the key to eternity.

 A changing trend may look against our existing culture but what if it adds a different dimension of freedom to our society and makes life easy. So, there must be space for some futurism in us.200-13

 Our society is what we are from intuition.

Hypocrisy is social stigma that can degrade us to the utter level and beyond the limits. If the social status of nation is not intuitive then there will surely be a gap between classes and living standards.fol308_01_intuition

Cleanliness should be the priority

 The swaccha bharat will only be successful if we look for clean and clear environment for our upcoming generation. The  social clubs cleaning our filthy streets is the symbolism of unawaken society. Hence, establish the cleanliness and get it in return.aaqigik

social hypocrisy is a curse

if one do a thing and gets success there is no need of following the same path. The hypocritical society doesn’t feels the personal sensitivity. Hence if you want to do anything for your passion don’t consult for advice from others.

A nation becomes a bench mark for others by witty citizens because it’s us who drive the national constitution.

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