Be it the stress of clocking 8 office hours day after day or a fun trip with your friends, a bike ride alone or seeking answers to the questions that life poses ever-so-often, Rishikesh has always been the stop for all kinds. 40 kilometres from Dehradun, the journey is short and ad mist greenery on either side. The view of the Chandrabhaga river valley and, if you are just fortunate enough, of elephants, signals the start of an adventure. Parmarthniketan, near Laxman Jhula, was our next stop. The banks of the Ganges is the kind of place a spiritual seeker would long for. . Places that have a spiritual significance have people with faith so strong, it moves you. Our team stumbled upon one of this kind. His name, he said, was Sitaram. He was and had been writing ‘Ram’, the name of a Hindu deity, for quite some time now. He said it helps bring calm and peace to his life.

In these times of distrust, defiance and doubt, sheer faith of that magnitude brings some reassurance to the soul and makes us think, albeit  un-assuredly, that there’s some hope left for all of us.The food loving kind agreed to Chotiwala as the go-to place for its picturesque setting and the delicious cuisines that are served. Transportation and lodging in Rishikesh is not a problem as several modes of transport and severalhotels that provide multi facilities, such as that of a combination of food and accommodation, are present all over the city. For the ones looking to spend some time away from the bustle of the city can always count on the ‘ashrams’ and ‘dharamshalas’ to provide them with the calm they seek.

One of the most attracting architectural feats is the 13 storey Mandir cum complex at Ram Jhula. The place is a favourite of the shutterbugs as there seems to be an abstract spirit living with the complex’s spiritual conscious. The city stands as a true example of unity and peace within the wide diversity that resides in it. Although it is open to visitors and tourists at any time of the year, it is at its prime in October and in March.
Rishikesh, for travellers of all kinds, be it the spiritual lot or the travel freaks, has always been a reliable place that promises whatever you want from it, the calm or the thrill. A living and flourishing example of what the country truly is, Rishikesh does India proud in its in distinction among the various classes and religions. It teaches us all a thing or two about survival. Like an old poet once said, “Love each other, or perish.”



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