Freedom is the key to survival for all of living beings, someone binding us to achieve our goal can be the result of our society or our mind set . a whole lot of youth is becoming an engineering graduate but, how many of them are at the point what they deserve? The may be due to the “what monkey do,what monkey see” type of trend , going on in our social level. Find out if your society or community have the following traits.


  1. If those “chaar log” are always worried about your future.giphy-1



  1. If you are in a profession against your wish.86822090-0456-0132-6ffc-0add9426c766



  1. If people laughs at you for thinking “out of the box”.tumblr_mniwicfd561qafp3fo1_500



  1. If your life is like a machine.monotonus-life
  2. If no one is eager to come out of their comfort level.hypocricy



  1. If they trust on the ongoing system too much.gallery_49033_584_287310



  1. If people believe that someone special will come and, change the course of problems.



  1. If they never interact each other emotionally and have back bitching problemsback

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