With his debut novel “Half A Shadow”, Anurag Shourie compels  us to rethink upon life which a normal working person is living. Being a well-known anesthesiologist in CRO, Anurag is also an author who wrote the first medical thriller novel. Recently,  Anurag was in Dehradun at The Booknerds event. He interacted with the audience about his book and the conversation became a bit personal. Here is a glimpse of the interaction.

 How did you get diverted to writing books while living such a successful professional life?

I am very much into reading books, about seven years back, an idea struck in my mind to write a novel. I am a clinical researcher at professional level so; the first idea was to write something related to my work. Hence, I wrote India’s first medical thriller “Half A Shadow”. For almost seven years, I kept on proof reading my writings, and improved it bit by bit. Today, the product in front of readers is the result of that tough grind.

What else readers expect in your debut book?

One of the most attractive points that have been included in this thriller fiction is mythologies form Mahabharata. The mythological understanding from ‘The Gita” gives breakthrough to the whole story. Apart from that, the understanding of how medical world is affected by pirated elements gives a strong message to the readers.

Dehradun in your words?


Doon is perfect; I have been here dozens of times, not only to meet my loved ones but also to revive my soul in the outskirts of this city. Mussoorie is my favourite place to visit in Doon. I remember the time when we used to stop near Rajpur to taste some exhaling fruit chaat. Though, it’s been a long time that I have been to Chandīgarh, I don’t want this city to change. The natives here are down to earth; the way they serve each other sets the benchmark of kindness.

Why only Ruskin bond as a guru?

The way he respect his origin in books: like specifying “Dehra” instead of Dehradun makes me wonder. The respect for him as a guru also came from the literature books we read back in school “Room on the Roof”, “Trees Still Grow in Dehra” made a deep impact on me and my work. While working on my debut book I tried many times to touch his level of writing but, failed to reach that enormity.

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