11174822_907656005963940_4854241876789893741_nHistory of your band and how did you get here?      

 In 2008 we met each other during our college fest auditions. We were in different bands, before the formation of crystal heads. After we were good friends, we united and formed crystal heads, since then we have performed more than hundred shows in north zone. Our singles like “mistakes” got an over whelming response and we were ranked ninth in India.

What genre you work on and how do you co-ordinate as a band?

We play “alternative rock” genre, and it defines our music and efforts. We are interested in experimenting “thrash metal” with “soulful” music. Many times the co- ordination gets magical; it’s like cooking different recipes.

You guys stopped performing earlier, what made you do that?

 We were going through a cliché situation, which was a hurdle in our music career. Our Indian standards demand a “real job”, we were trying to sort our life out and ultimately we were the sufferers. Our lead guitarist went to IMA and we all got busy in clearing our backlogs (laughing).

What kind of response do you get from the audience?

We are what we are now just because of the love and response from our listeners. Being a fan based band we are encouraged to work in our hardest time. Audience feedback is like fuel to crystal heads.

What are your current and future goals?

Presently, we are planning for a grand comeback on stage. We have some great compositions lined up, things are clearer and less messy moreover money crises have reduced. Crystal Heads would be coming back soon with a fresh start.

  Your opinion about Dehradun and music here?

Few years back, music in Doon was kick ass, bands played brutal gigs every now and then but a badass band destroyed the stage here. It saddens me that there are only couple of serious acts left now and what it seems like is trend based style. This city seriously need some brave blood to come up and invest to motivate good musicians.

 Who is your inspiration?

As a band we admire Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Coldplay. The true music which they compose is the product of struggles in life which inspires us, and this helps us keep moving and rocking as a band


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