The doon mozaic volume 1

The Doon Mozaic, Volume 1

This volume 1 of The Doon Mozaic is a compilation of all
the written essays , articles, stories and poems submitted
by our team mates and readers. From the
esteemed high-class bands to low-lying unhygienic
slums of Dehra .The journal has focused on various sophisticated issues of the region ; making it one of its
kind in this town .We will continue with our efforts to portray the real face of Doon in every
volume . Walton’s book on Dehradun “The Dehradun Gazetteer” describes the citizens of
Doon as lazy and of delayed reflexes .We faced the same problem while compiling contents
for this issue . Although ,there was a limitation of people who were interested in writing and
that too voluntarily however, we managed to form a team of dedicated writers and columnists. Skilled photographers and illustrators were a cherry on the cake .

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