Post covid era of tourism _ Reference to Uttarakhand

Post-COVID era of tourism | Reference to Uttarakhand 

The upcoming times after the COVID 19 pandemic will not be the same for the whole world which is easily understandable by visualizing the per day increasing trend of this communicable disease. The world had never seen such an extent of the virus in past centuries. Hence, upcoming this crisis for sectors like hospitality, tourism, and travel is the major hope for businesses relying on this area. Where most of the international monuments and tourist spots suffered the losses due to worldwide lockdown imposed by the china originated virus. The same has been observed in the tourism sector in India too. With states like Uttarakhand, who’s 70 % of the revenue model is dependent on the tourism sector. The crisis stands viable discouragement for the people associated with this. The Month of May-August is the major contributor to creating more than half of the economy for people in Uttarakhand. With no tourists during Chardham Yatra and Hemkund sahib had already weakened the financial spine of the state and now cancelation of Kanwar Yatra has saved the fate of the business associated with these occasions in the hand of the simple vaccine to which the whole world is waiting for.

The point that is emphasized on the unlocks happening in the state completely depends upon the rate of the recoveries and purely on the recovery rate of the Coronavirus patients. The government may have opened up the malls and other tourist spots to boost its economic trends 

but the people need to have the patience to bring their normal life back to the tracks. The citizens are aware that  For the administration the citizens are only a number, whereas at the personal level it is important to restrict the travels related to pilgrimages and nonessential commutes. The post covered world will not be the same for us, the social distancing, masks, and Hand sanitizers will be the part of the common world weather in fear or with the sense of the precaution and so does the repulsion from the crowds. The Travel via. Rails, Roads, and Air will not be the same either, the fare will be either high as the sky or there will be need of the essential health certificate for the fear-free travel. These precautions will be proportionally increased not on;y the travel expenses but also increase the stay fares in hotels too. The criteria to meet the reflection of Pre COVID salary packages and expenses by the hospitality and tourism will shred the travelers pocket which will not on;y lead to the end to the tourism in the region for couple or more years to come but also lead to the recession as the people will spend less on the financial models. 

According to the experts, the only way out of this pandemic and the upcoming recession is the vaccine. The frequent liberalization of the services in private business during the COVID 19 unlock has imposed an increase in the spread too, which clearly means that the virus has been fast in spreading in metros and in the places where the population density is higher. Hence, it literally reflects on the scenario when the tourists will flock towards the tourist places without tight restrictions in their behavioral pattern. 

By Nitin Chandola

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