Dehra’s Mobcast Podcast is one of its kind podcast of Uttarakhand. Brief to in-depth analysis of different issues are discussed in Dehra’ Mobcast. With growing readership in prints, The Doom Mozaic is also committed to bring things to dynamic video and audio platforms. Hence, Dehra mob cast is an effort to make a step towards the remotest of the listeners, readers, and viewers.

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Dehra Mobcast Feat. Marshall Tyagi | The Doon Mozaic

Marshall started his journey in music by forming Crystal Heads during his college days. later on, the band got apart and Marshall followed his passion for music which landed him to greatest of his experiences and major achievements in Independent music. Not only Marshall’s song “Hit by the gravity” got featured in the Rolling Stones but also the Duo of Sachin Shahi and Marshall became popular in the music fraternity for their compositions and experiments. We had a casual talk with Marshall about his life. More can be read about their former band in our issue of 2016. Link below in com

Life page, Corporate, and JNU Feat. Kapil Rawat | Lockdown Podcast | Dehra Mobcast

Kapil started his career in Decision management with GE Corp in Bangalore and then moved on to Prudential Plc in London. Having gained 4 years of work experience he earned a scholarship to study MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona which is ranked amongst the top 10 Business Schools in the world. After his MBA, Kapil started working with Citibank in New York as a Financial management Associate, he subsequently worked with Citibank in London, Dublin, New Delhi and Mumbai doing Innovation Management and Product Management. At the age of 29, Kapil became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in Citibank and at the age of 33, he quit his corporate career to pursue his long-cherished vision of helping students make smart career decisions. He is currently the Founder and CEO of LifePage. We had an engaging session with Kapil about his career and his journey to becoming an entrepreneur in Dehradun. The podcast to premiere on 3rd June 2020 at 7:30 PM Buy our newest magazine releases form our official website https://doonmozaic.com/

Lockdown Podcast Feat. Sanjeev Sharma | Dehra Mobcast | Film, Airforce and Literature

Mr. Sanjeev K Sharma is an Airforce Veteran, novelist, poet, and film analyst, who served as an educationalist in the premier school of Dehradun. Sanjeev Sharma has written books ‘Trickles of Life’, ‘Shadows of terror’, and Mythologies like ‘Ananta Sheshnaga’. In this podcast we will be discussing his book ‘ Why We Go To Movies?’, a candid talk over his career and adventures he experienced while in ‘Siachin Pioneers’ during Kargil War in 1999. Sanjeev Sharma also discusses his ventures in publishing and his relations with co-author Manmohan Chadha, who was the Assistant Director of the famous Doordarshan serial ‘Hum Log’. Buy prints of The Doon Mozaic Magazine from our stores https://doonmozaic.com/

Challenges for startups during COVID19 Feat. Rajat Jain | Dehra Mobcast | Lockdown | Doon Mozaic

Rajat Jain is the founder of Sunfox Technologies, the startup of health care and health care devices. Being in the situation of pandemic amid lockdown has impacted the work and the culture of the startups which were on the path of gradual growth. Rajat discussed the various aspects of ideation startup and getting into the seeding phase of the company with podcast host Nitin Chandola. He also discussed the product Spandan ECG and provided with the various aspects of hunting the difficulties in the healthcare startup sector. Rajat also discussed the changes in the attitude the investors will have towards funding and finding the opportunities in Healthcare startups. Buy the print magazine of The Doon Mozaic https://doonmozaic.com/ https://store.doonmozaic.com/?v=721bb…

Lock down Podcast Feat. Rajat Bansal |Dehra Mob cast |The Doon Mozaic

Rajat Bansal is the founder of the poets and writers community called Zindagee MixVeg. with an idea of improving the level of the Hindi poetries and literature in Uttarakhand, he started this group. In COVID19, Rajat is not only performing in live sessions of literature clubs but also in the process of reading and improving hiss ideologies of literature. this podcast brings you the insight of his life on the socio-political matter, like unemployment, boys locker room chat, economy, and the perspective change during consecutive three lockdowns in India. Dehra mob cast initially also conducted a one and half-hour podcast session which was an insight to Rajat’s completer work in Poetry and literature Here are the links below and in the comment box too. PART 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzvHx… PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPHug… Do visit our magazine’s website https://doonmozaic.com/ https://store.doonmozaic.com/?v=721bb…

Book Reading, Bodhidharma and Corona Virus Lockdown in India | Dehra Mobcast

As India goes to lockdown till 30th April 2020, we are here discussing the aspects and the progress, the country is doing in containing and curbing the Covid 19 Wuhan Coronavirus. The podcast in this video is shot at home,hence apologies for lowlight and noise. The discussion is shared by the host Nitin Chandola over the aspects and History that china holds as far as the viruses are considered. Bodhidharma was among the Tamil brahmin king that took the journey to china’s province and boosted the art of Shaolin boxing. here the host also shares the books to be read during this crucial time of lockdown. Do visit our website for columns and buying the print issue. https://doonmozaic.com/

Migration, Health and Education in Uttarakhand Feat. Anand Sankar | Dehra Mobcast | The Doon Mozaic

This podcast gets to the insights of challenges the NGO’ s face in Uttarakhand in the sense of fundings. Kalap Trust’s founder, Mr. Anand Shankar podcasts with host Nitin Chandola about his experience of reverse palayan to Uttarakhand. Anand not only provides experienced insight into the problems in the administrative system which is deep-rooted but also brings the changes and hope he has given to Kalap village of Upper Mori Block of Uttarkashi. The Dehra mob cast is happy to have an aligned podcast with Anand Sankar and discuss his work and struggles in the area of public health and Education in remote Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand. If you like our coverages do like, subscribe and comment down for your continuous support. Directed by Ritika Chandola Buy our print issues online at https://store.doonmozaic.com/?v=721bb…

Indian History and Spirituality with Captain Kunal Uniyal | Dehra Mobcast |The Doon Mozaic

The podcast session with Captain Kunal Uniyal was interactive one about Indian History and Spirituality. Kunal discusses his authored books, Host Nitin Chandola discussed the view on the life of Shri Aurobindo and his works. Episode 1 also consists the insights into a mariner’s life and his decision to be an entrepreneur in Dehradun. Being born and brought up in Dehradun, Capt. Kunal Uniyal also shares his phase of life transition where he left the citizenship of the United Kingdom. Directed by Ritika Chandola

Children cinema and Censorship | Podcast Dehra mob cast Feat. Abha Massey | The Doon Mozaic

Child cinema and its censorship is the topic of the Podcast conducted on Behalf of The Doon Mozaic and Dastan Magsman with its Founder Abha Massey. Host of the podcast Nitin Chandola is discussing the sensitive issues of child cinema and children literature and its future. The Parenting techniques of a child and adolescent child is discussed in the podcast. The podcast is directed at our venue partner Musee Art Cafe. Directed and Edited by Ritika Chandola.

Cosmos Book Discussion Podcast | Carl Sagan | Dehra Mobcast

We are discussing Cosmos, a 1980 popular science book by astronomer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Sagan. Its 13 illustrated chapters, corresponding to the 13 episodes of the Cosmos TV series, which the book was co-developed with and intended to complement, explore the mutual development of science and Civilization. One of Sagan’s main purposes for the book and television series was to explain complex scientific ideas to anyone interested in learning. The podcast is hosted by Nitin Chandola with the help of print magazine The Doon mozaic. Buy print Edition of The Doon Mozaic https://doonmozaic.com/doon-mozaic-pr… Do like and subscribe to the channel for more podcast on different topics.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch | Book Review | Dehra’ s Mobcast

The Last Lecture is a New York Times best-selling book co-authored by Randy Pausch, a professor of computer science, human-computer interaction, and design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Jeffrey Zaslow of the Wall Street Journal. The book speaks on a lecture Pausch gave in September 2007 entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”. Here we are discussing the Book and its related element that inspires the reader. The book review is part of Initiative The Doon Mozaic. The discussant and podcast host Nitin, shares his views and related experience in reading the book published by Hachette

Dehra’s Mobcast|Discussion on Chardham all weather roads

Dehra’s Mobcast|Discussion on Chardham all weather roads

The Char Dham All Weather Road Project has been approved by National Green Tribunal (NGT) on September 26, 2018. The controversial project has evoked several environmental concerns right from the inception stage. This is the podcast discussing the issue raised in the past and the consequences of the project in the future during the completion. Do visit the blog for further detailed study Buy the latest print issue of The Doon Mozaic journal In the link https://doonmozaic.com/buy-doon-mozaic/

Dehra’s Mobcast with Nitin Chandola Feat. Rajat Bansal, Episode 1

Dehra’s Mobcast with Nitin Chandola Feat. Rajat Bansal, Episode 2

The Doon Mozaic | Dehra’s Mobcast | Feat. Sanskriti Bhatt | Miss Uttarakhand 2018

The Message of Vivekachudamani by Adi Shankarachrya | Book Discussion Podcast | Dehra Mobcast

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