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With the prime focus on the sustainable development goals, the last quarter of 2019 was dedicated to the various index reports in the field of SDG. The prime focus for covering the various aspects of the sustainability achieved in the sector of healthcare, education and smart city focusing primarily on Uttarakhand

This last of 2019 gives an overview on the progress of Uttarakhand in achieving the goals by 2030. With the two new index which were released previously contains the personal view of our columnists .They have researched in the methods by which the Chardham all-weather project is creating the a general impact .

Apart from the socio political issues, the insight to boost the agro economy in the rural areas of the state is also covered in this issue of The Doon Mozaic. In the mythological and cultural section of this issue the emphasis is on the mystic rituals which exist in the regions of Kumaon and Jaunsar. Pandava pratha, the practice of polyandry in jaunsar and Jagars ‘exorsism’ in Kumaon and Garhwal are  discussed in detail to fulfill the curiosity of the reader.

I hope that our readers will find this issue interactive and will come across the facts about Uttarakhand. The readers can also buy the volume 5, issue 2 of the Doon Mosaic from the book stores and cafes nearby in Dehradun and our website www.doonmozaic.com

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Nitin Chandola

Editor-in- Chief

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