Dehradun is ambassador to many music maestros, some of them are successful at global level and some of them are working for the local front of uttarakhand. Such representatives of valley was Kartavya-the band. These were the first ever band that made it to MTV from Uttarakhand. Their list of achievements is long enough to astonish music lovers. The class of kartavya the band started where most of the bands end. If one ramble through YouTube, there lies a whole pile of music by this talented group.

story of dehradun bandsKartavya was initially a indie folk rock band according to the reports, they worked in Sufi, rock, hard metal, hard rock too. The band released their eight composition, Rijo Cherian started this band acting as lead guitarist and took it to the orient. After five years of formation, this band got dismantled last month in June 2016. According to the Facebook page of kartavya they posted an emotional status and officially declared its getting dismantled.

“Important announcement!! After a lot of discussion and understanding the situations, we have come to a conclusion that ’KARTAVYA- the band” will no more be active. We deeply understand the situations each member is into and hereby end its existence!! Some members have family responsibilities while some have started their own family. We don’t want to run Kartavya with any replacement to the original 6 members!!Sad day for us, we saw it coming past months, tried to held onto it, but alas! Fate doesn’t let us together.We want to thank our fans n friends who have been a part of journey and have being supporting, loving us immensely during the three years of our existence.”

The band won many band wars in different parts in India and performed internationally too. According to reports, the band members moved to Mumbai to seek opportunities but, the personal interests and profits were the main reason that took the band to its dismantling.


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