How did you get here, and what’s the philosophy behind this band?

I was into journalism when I met vocalist, somehow we started working on our singing and guitar skills. We as a part of band left the job, our vocalist dropped his college. Initially we faced tough time, people taunted us as common band but, we practiced hard, our vocalist used to cry at high pitch at tea estate in Premnagar, I played guitar for about fifteen hours a day. We lost our first guitar, it was second hand, we bought a drum kit by taking music classes for about one year. We haved worked on our own composition initially and named our band as keechad. The ideology behind it is to compare the society as “mud” hence, as mud has lotus frogs, mosquitos and insects, same is our society too.

What methodology you use while composing music?
We do this work on camps and trekking in vacations with our members to make special bond with them because, there is no other formula other than nature that can bring the charm between two friends, after building understanding, we compose songs that are well perceived in nature. Working on Sufi music in form of rock has made us a Vega band. We live for nature and we sing for it.

Do you have any classical background? How consistent is yourkeechad band?
No, we didn’t have any, this is mainly due to lack of getting a guru, but most of us are made by practice and hard work. There were times when serious changes in drummer was done and for past couple years we have seen a change of about ten drummer. This was due to tight practice schedule. Hence, we started giving internships to provide them basics with experience.

Have you ever being criticized by audience?

We have answers for those kind of audience. We did “neer bahran “based on classical touch. We do “kishore da” and “mukesh “songs too. We are mostly work on own composition which are basically based Sufi, rock. So, the possibility to get criticized gets increased.

Is doon good for performing shows?
To be frank, doon is very low capitalized in paying bands. We performed in many cafes and clubs, the quality of audience was poor. They drink, chat and dance without giving any attention to us. We worked on performing in self organized concert and it was a great success.

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