doonmozaic journal 2 issue 1

I am glad to share the information with you that our first journal on Dehradun is in prints. The Doon Mozaic, volume 1 is available at and will soon be available at The efforts of our team since last six months were published in form of a journal. An overwhelming response since its unofficial release is in an aura. With increasing awareness about Dehra’s history and concerns about its future, we are heading towards the socio-political section from this journal onwards. 2017 was the year for legislative assembly polls in Uttarakhand, where mainstream media was busy in covering the politically funded assets, we went all through the summaries of the problem in this hilly state. From low-lying matter of illegal mining to the politicized issues of reservation. We went through all in researching the facts and figures. The opinions made in each column were independent and are provided with facts and truth. Last sixteen years of Uttarakhand were tragic both politically and socially. Though moral losses in politics of Uttrakhand is not a new phenomenon, but when the environment of the state suffers due to the strategies of government. It’s time to stand for the Himalayas. The polls this time are interesting because the last five years witnessed the drastic calamity of Kedarnath and suffered from the issues of alcoholism, migration, and illegal mining and health issues. Hence, the theme “you have been fooled!” with respect to the hypocrisy in politics of Uttarakhand is one of the pieces of our efforts.

On our effort of increasing team members and writers, I would like to welcome Anubhuti Agrawal and Shivnetri Kushwaha on board.

Happy reading!


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