A Kind of Commitment – Book Review

The Book “A Kind of Commitment” is debut novel of Pratibha Malav. Published by KALAMOS publications, the book stands in the subcategory of Romantic fiction. Driven by the main character Mausami, the lead revolves around the life of a teenage girl facing Infatuation and lust. The character stands adamant in describing the life of most of the teenage groups facing the problem of mood swings. The book written by author contains 212 content page with a matte, perfect bound cover. The cover itself exemplifies the mood of this romantic novel. The guitar in front and an engagement ring shows that prominent character wants to have a romantic liaison. With too much of characters in the novel, it’s hard enough to find the real mood of Mausami at first, but at last part, most of the part in her life is played by Anirudh and Atakrsh. These two people change the chubbiness of Mausami into a bit solemnity. The fixation of taking lust as love drives the whole novel.

The Hindi slangs used in the middle of the novel make the writings more Indianized. The expurgation of the novel is done in a most descriptive way as possible. Pratibha’s storytelling features in the standpoint of the leading character Mausami shows the way author thought of knitting the character.  The character went more sensitive in the emotional quest as compared to the starting of the novel. The chubbiness of Mausami was hasty at the first half of the book, where she doesn’t care about what she says to anyone. But, at the last, the book provides the silence perspective of the character, where worst circumstances of life took out the best for her.

The book “A kind of commitment” is a simple book of confusion between relationship and friendship. The Book can resemble most of our college life, where an adolescence takes shape of an adulthood. This book illustrates the story of a Female adolescence converting into an adult and mature human.

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