The Doon Mozaic Volume 1 Issue 1 May 2016

Our first issue feature Ela Pant in the section of interview of the month with a slight description on weekend destinationrishikesh. Our team members submitted their work like photography and illustrations for compiling this whole piece.

eucalyptus of dehradun

Eucalyptus of Dehradun Journal 1 Issue 2 June 2016

The second issue of The Doon Mozaic was released on June 2016. The issue focused on the issues of eucalyptus cutting in dehradun at a drastic scales.The issue interviewed meena garg.Our issue story the fallen pillars is key of attraction with some submissions of illustrations by guest illustrators. The issue also contained reader submission section

music of my valley

Music of my Valley, Volume1 Issue 3 July 2016

Third issue is based onmusic of my valley covering all the major bands of doon like Keechad, Bhairvas , Crystal Heads, Kartavya. The issue story of this issue was based on the problems related to empowering folk music. The covers and illustration is done by our proud team of illustrators and designers.

nights in dehradun

My City at Night, Volume 1 Issue 4 August 2016

Nights in Doon during summers are about late night shopping and late night walks with friends in mohollas under clear sky. Many kids grew up to adults following the same. Here nights not only strengthen the social bondage but also sets Dehradun apart from the metropolis race. Many run to Mussoorie, George Everest gazing stars; many compose music and writes novels. Doon serves all and provides its best. The silence, the calmness, the incredibility, but there is a lie beneath these words, and these shackling issues are the part of this month issue story. I would like to thank my team, especially The night gazers. Editors, writers and columnists were the key to make this photography special issue more adamant and attractive

slums of dehradun

Slums of Dehra, Volume 1, Issue 5 September 2016

The fifth issue of September 2016 was based on slums of dehra. The issue focused on the issues of encroachment of rivers by slums of Dehradun at a drastic scales.The issue consists of focused columns by our editors, writers and columnists.The issue story Slums still grow in dehra is key of attraction with cover illustrations by prime illustrators of team.

Architecture of Uttarakhand, Volume 1 Issue 6 December 2016

This issue is the commencing work of our team in the sector of Uttarakhandarchitecture. We hope to cover more of Kumaon and Garhwal in future issues. The issue took a long time to get online due to its vast criterion of research. We were supported by Doon Photo Walk for providing the photographs of Kumaon. Nomaan Khan, the guest columnist for this issue focused on canals of Dehradun and its lost heritage. An extensive on site work was done by our photographers in the region of Maldevta, Mussorie, Premnagar and other primal places of Dehra.

legislative assembly elections in uttarakhand

Hypocrisy in Politics of Uttarakhand, Volume 2, Issue 1 2017

With increasing awareness about Dehra history and concerns about its future, we are heading towards the socio-political section from this journal onwards. 2017 was the year for legislative assembly polls in Uttarakhand, where mainstream media was busy in covering the politically funded assets, we went all through the summaries of the problem in this hilly state. From low-lying matter of illegal mining to the politicized issues of reservation. We went through all in researching the facts and figures. The opinions made in each column were independent and are provided with facts and truth. Last sixteen years of Uttarakhand were tragic both politically and socially. Though moral losses in politics of Uttrakhand is not a new phenomenon, but when the environment of the state suffers due to the strategies of government. It time to stand for the Himalayas.

from colombo to almora

Volume 2 Issue 2 (Ramkrishna Mission Special Edition)

Dehra is obliged to have been visited by Swami Vivekananda and his group of disciples. When most of India was engrossed in clearly defining Hindutva, vigilantes in this region were in search of Brahma Gyan by Advait Vedanta. Swami Ji popularity and devotion can be clearly noted from his regular pilgrims to the Ramakrishna mission Ashram. A lot of memoires have been left behind, about the events that occurred in the Dehradun region during Swami Ji visits, by people who witnessed Vivekananda in the region this issue, we have tried to cover a concise aspect of Swami Vivekananda visit to Uttarakhand. Looking into the perspective of Swami Vivekananda was not only creative but also full of experiences and challenges. This issue is the beginning to understand Swami Vivekananda spiritual journey in Uttarakhand, this learning journey of ours will continue in our next volume of January 2018.

hypocrisy in education system

Volume 2, Issue 3 (Hypocrisy in Education System of Uttarakhand)

Uttarakhand has been suffering from the same illusion, while most of the private schools hunt for high donations during admissions, parents sacrifice their money for the sake of social standards made by hypocritical people in our neighbourhood. Considering academic marks and percentages as a proof of intelligence is the biggest illusion of the society in Dehradun and Uttarakhand. Its good to score great marks but, with an education system which plays with the psychological level of students is leading us to an unhealthy competition. With reservation to various minority groups and tribes in education system, the competition has only worsened. Less opportunities for majority and general category is the reason of increasing crime rate and increased immigration from the remote hills of Uttarakahand.We tried to cover fifteen percent of this vast topic in this issue, the upcoming issue of January 2018 will be containing another volume related to the same subject. Keep following us !!

Mythologies of Kumaon and Garhwal, Volume 2, Issue 4

Indian mythologies revolve around epics, Puranas, and Vedas written eons back. Uttarakhand during ancient times was known as Uttar-Panchal in many Upanishads, it is a key origin of the Vedas and Shri Bhagavad Purana. Maharishi Manu recited Shrimad Bhagavad to all his disciples on the bank of River Ganga in Rishikesh. When Garhwal and Kumaon were Kedar Khanda and Manas Khanda respectively, Dhams and Jyotirlingas were established in this region.nnMythologies of Kedar Khanda was influenced by the idea of praying Pancha Kedar whereas Manas Khanda has the influence of praying Shakti (energy) in the different form i.e. Lord Narayana and Lord Shiva. Hence, constancy can be observed in the mythology of Garhwal region but the versatility of each myth exists only in villages of Kumaon. The present generations in remote Uttarakhand are generating possibilities and opportunity to create tourism near these sacred grooves and are supporters to revive the heritage of this region

Volume 2, Issue 5

This issue provides a descriptive limelight on the prevailing problems in Dehradun city and in other districts of Uttarakhand. With a column dedicated to the drying lake of Nainital and dedicated research by our team on finding the loopholes in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and in socio – political aspects of this movement. The issue portrays aspects of becoming a smart city and role of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in making smart citizens.

Life and works of Sumitranandan Pant Volume 3, Issue 1

Sumitranandan Pant was a legendary poet and writer from Uttarakhand who has left his poems as a legacy which still inspires the poets of Uttarakahand. This issue is a reminiscence of Sumitranandan Pant’s work. A detailed analysis of his life, perspective, a legacy in Kasauni and his take on Gandhism and Aurobindosim can be found in this issue. Pant’s works is an inspiration to the youth of Uttarakhand. In the same way, Sumitranandan Pant found his breakthrough to literature and reached the Orient, the youth interested in bringing evolution in their respective fields can also stand off the league. Prasoon Joshi of Almora is the best existing and manifestoed example of this.


Volume 3, Issue 2 The Story of Uttarakhand Andolan

The uprooted corruption cases in socio-political plethora designate that Uttarakhand has become a breeding state for fraudulent national level politicians. Since 17 years, two major national level parties Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress are governing the state, so these parties can easily be apprehended responsible for allowing cliques to mine the Himalayan resources. Uttarakhand stood for making its distinctiveness in India and the world. The state that was to be grown as tourism dominated and energy associated state was failed by the cheap partisan deeds. The immigration has increased in the region and has severely affected the Pauri and Almora region. The people are losing their willpower to make their living from the sources available in the hills. From education to the jobs, the youth are forced to settle in the metro political cities. Alcoholism accomplished to a new height when Supreme Court banned the liquor shop on National Highways. The liquor shops are now available in densely populated cities of Uttarakhand. Alcoholism is not only an acting termite in our society but also acting demoraliser to the youth. Today, the youth is afraid to stand for the environment and unsustainable development of the region. The condition of 1978 Uttarakhand was better than Uttarakhand of 21st century. Nowadays, It seems to be a dream that an uneducated woman like Gaura Devi, stood for the environment without any personal interest. This issue will be covering all the aspects of the Uttarakhand Andolan and we will be conveying you this issue as a story.

doonmozaic volume 3 issue 3

Volume 3, Issue 3, Canals of Dehra

The Himalayan Gazetteer were taken into account to compile the issue. I am thank-ful to our team members for showing the interest visiting the sites of three centuries old canals. There were moments of absolute astonishment, when we experienced the pressure heads at falls in Maldevta Waterhead Works. The engineering and applica-tion of Fluid Dynamics by Cautley took us to the concept of expansion of “Edurism” in Dehra. With a foot in engineering, these marvel structures seem to be so advanced and challenging in present times. The people of Dehra are a part of these canals, since the drinking water is provided by these sources. There is a strict need of saving the source streams to these canals and revive the rivers by rehabilitation of illegal establishment and encroachments far away from rivers. People of Dehra should be thankful for these master pieces of ver-nacular architecture. If these streams are not saved in upcoming decade, we will surely be suffering with the scarcity of water for basic daily purposes. Doon is still a valley of eight perennial rivers (The Ganges, The Yamuna, Rispana River, Suswa, Tamsa, Bindal, Song, Tons), and days are not far when ignorance of policymakers will make public pay off their deeds in form of losing their right to use water.

doonmozaic volume 3 issue 4

Volume 3, Issue 4, Mythologies of Kumaon and Garhwal

poets and writers of Uttarakhand

Volume 3, Issue 5, Eminent writers and poets of Uttarakhand