Inside the heart of hope

“In foolishness, I have gained wisdom. By falling, I have risen. In rebelling against God, I have accepted him. By stammering, I have learned to speak. And by hating, I have learned to love.”

These handful of words sum up the book’s motive perfectly. Published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors, Inside The Heart of Hope is the debut novel of author Rishabh Puri. Through this book, we follow Rick, who has Aortic Valve Stenosis since the age of nine, because of which any physical activity strains his heart, which deprives Rick of a normal childhood. Add over-protective parents on top of that and Rick’s life is perfect. Even with no physical activity, no hope, and nothing to look forward to, love still finds its way in Rick’s heart. The only question is that will Lisa walk away from Rick due to his illness or will understand him and will see the goodness in his so called defective heart.

It’s hard to imagine how just 121 pages of this book can teach us the deeper truths of life which sometimes takes a lifetime for people to understand. Rishabh Puri observed life and its secrets and wrote it down for all of us to read. Whether you are ill or not, this book definitely holds something which each one of us can relate to. Be it over-protective parents, a boring life, or depression. The book is filled with happiness, sadness and fear of a person who is on the verge of dying and losing hope when suddenly he spots a spark hope which ignites the hope of a better future and life in him. This book is not just meant for people who are ill but for each and every one of us as we encounter certain moments in our life when we are sidelined by the society. The only thing missing from this book is descriptions. The book doesn’t provide much description about the characters or the place which does little to help the reader’s imagination.

Overall this book is a good one-time read which will definitely make you think about God and his ways.

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