The most significant and famous band of the planet The Beatles’. Winning the heart of the world and getting the height of their popularity in early 1960s, traveled India to the foot of Himalayas in Rishikesh in search of something which cannot be gained by either money or fame. They spent two months in the Ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to study Meditation.the_byrds_raga_rock

They met Maharishi in Hilton hotel London in 1967 where he introduced them with ‘Transcendental Meditation’ which he described as a science of learning inner self and achieving happiness and success to all who use it. After that they attended a ten days session of ‘Transcendental Meditation’ in Whales. Their urge to learn meditation went along to attain some spiritual lift off. On 16 February John Lennon, George Harrison, Cynthia Lennon and Pattie Harrison arrived Delhi and took the 150 miles journey by taxi to Rishikesh. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr with Jane Asher and Maureen Starkey arrived four days later. The Beatles’ gave up drugs during their stay in India and spent their time meditating resting, writing songs and attending Maharishi’s lectures.

                      “Meditation and maharishi have helped make inner

                  life rich for me. the meditation buzz is incredible”

           George Harrison

The Beatles’ stay in Ashram was a very productive time for them as they wrote 48 songs and 17 of them were part of their album ‘The Beatles’. Meditation not only helped them live a serene and simple life away from fame and glory it also helped them to bring the best out of them. They spent most of their time writing and composing songs. Among all these songs they wrote few were influenced by Maharishi’s lectures and many of them did not have any relevance with meditation at all. One of them was ‘Happy Rishikesh’ song with soothing music expressing the divinity of this place.

   “Everything you need is here

   And everything that’s not here is not there

                                And if if there’s something missing in this God almighty plan

        Could it be you need a woman?”

Happy Rishikesh Song

They added Indian music touch in their songs as they were exposed to it while they were making their second film ‘The Help’. George Harrison was also influenced by the writings of Swami Vivekananda.

On 1st March 196beatles18 Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen left Ashram followed by Paul McCartney and Jane Asher on 26 March. Rest of them left the ashram on 12 April, 1968. The Beatles’ were admired and loved by millions of people they were the personification and arch type of western culture. When they travelled to East people were eager to know about their whereabouts and were fascinated by the art of ‘Transcendental Meditation’ The Beatles’ visit to east changed the perspective of western people towards India.




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