education in slums of dehradun

by Nitin Chandola

In today’s monetized society, getting educated is considered to be the most important step towards survival. For parents belonging to working class society, educational courses have become a subject that needs to be dealt with great sensitivity. Paying ransom to the deceptive institutions for the sake of getting a good education is an age old game. Prior to the modern education system, about two hundred years in the past, our society followed the Gurukul and Madrasa system. Gurukul system was only applicable educational system according to the Vedic rituals. This may seem as a pessimist’s statement, but considering the outputs of Vedic Education System (VES), the only achievement of Western Education System (WES) shows is the expansion of immoral commercialisation. The human experiences in this world are the reflection of the psychological status of the society we live in, these psychological experiences are a giving of the educational system we follow. The unhealthy competitive era in India has been sparked not only due to the population explosion of late nineties, but also due to the hypocrisy of our educated societies. Our renowned educational institutions are focused on the principle of ‘survival of the fittest’, whereas the contemporary education believed in the ‘survival of the weakest’.

There are multi -dimensions to the hypocrisy that is poisoning our upcoming generations and their capabilities of deriving new aspects and meaning of life. Opting for the subject of interest is one of the biggest mistakes of the western influenced educational system; this method of taking freedom away from a child is like killing the possibilities of him finding new aspects to the humanity. ICSE and CBSE system are following this system to such an extent that schools in Dehradun with ICSE affiliations are forcing children to opt Commerce subjects if the child scores less than 80% marks, schools like Brightlands, St. Joseph’s Academy and St. Georges are well known entities in executing these types of dictatorial rules on their students. For achieving higher credentials in the social plethora these schools enforce the option of subjects to such an extent that most of the students drop an academic year either to achieve their expected streams in these ‘main stream schools’. This impractical practice in Dehra’s education system is now deep rooted to such an extent that parents are also resonant with such a dictatorial decision. As a result other schools affiliated to CBSE are charging high donations in in the name of infrastructure and garnishes provided by them.

The admission sessions after Demonetisation of Indian currency show a completely different perspective; over the top fee structures and donation criteria in schools of Dehradun points to the up heading corruption in the private school business. Increase of fees every year in schools and colleges too is an example of the harsh reality of the educational societies. Not only do these educational institutions invest the surplus money in their expansion but also in different genre of businesses. The suppression of indigenous languages in the region is a very prevalent reason for Dehra’s parents wanting to educate their children from private English medium schools. Hindi, Kumauni, Garhwali languages in the region have been suppressed by Catholic influenced education system. Hindi and other regional languages become optional subjects after high school, which leads to a loss of interest in the students. The importance given to computer sciences and English is the main reason for the loss of interest in our own mother tongue.

To top all of the above mentioned issues, it is a fact that Uttarakhand government’s role in improvement of educational facilities a major failure as compared to all Government educational policies. The growth of so many politically funded schools and institutions is a result of the loopholes in policies consciously made by the past government officials. The unhygienic situations of schools in different departments in colleges define the ill will of government and administration in up building the credibility of private educational institutions. A silver lining was shown to the society, when enforcement by CM Yogi Adiyanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh took serious step of creating equilibrium in teaching basic languages to the students. The illusion created by English created a divide

slums in indiabetween English medium and Hindi medium students. This illusion of being a student from English medium ICSE and CBSE schools still exists in Uttarakhand. The teachers appointed in the Uttrakhand region have such low qualifications that no matter how much the education system tries to reform, the quality of education imparted to the students would always be poor. This degraded form of education is also due to the reservations given to Scheduled Casts/ Tribes and OBCs. Appeasement of the teachers based on cast and sect reservation system is another hidden sword stabbing the psychological and intuition level of our upcoming generations.

Private Coaching institutions in Dehra and nearby regions are another factor of increased unhealthy competition among-st students. These private institutions collaborate with each other to make their thug process work like a well-oiled machine. Many schools made IIT-JEE’ s related coaching compulsory to science pursuing students. The hidden hypocrisy behind these coaching Institutes around the cities is that they are only concerned about making money. Lack of proper counselling of children is still making students to follow the scenario of “Monkey see, monkey do”. With upcoming ‘start up’ generation, the creative ones will be innovating the new dimensions of Engineering and possibilities whereas, the mainstream educational institutes will be manufacturing slaves of narrowness and dumbness.

Parents need to understand some of the deep concepts of educational system followed by Uttrakhand’s educational societies. There is a vast sea of possibilities in contemporary educational systems. Following the same monotonous educational curriculum is creating imbalance between demands and production with increasing poverty and unemployment. Stats of 2016 predicts highest ratings in unemployment index till now. Saturation in technology is causing machines to replace humans in the industries. Hence, with increasing population and inhumane commercialization, there is a high possibility that the Indian subcontinent would become unlivable for unskilled labors. There is a serious business going on in the mainstream educational system.

The owners of private institutions travel in luxurious cars; while on the other hand, parents are taking educational loans for their wards. Doesn’t all this prove that there is something wrong with this educational system? How does the government not have funds for reviving goverment schools, but is capable of buying warfare worth of billions? There is a need for a change in the way we will drive our future generations, which will only be possible if we let our children what he/she aspires to become in the future. Observational qualities with no pressure to pursue career and, no addiction to social hypocrisy can only be imparted when a child’s soul is set free into a world with a contemporary educational system.

Schools in Dehradun are becoming a factory, where children are taught each subject with no intentions of building a student’s character but with intention of greed and commercialization. The society needs to get conscious about these institutions, because, following and supporting such hypocrisy would bring nothing but misery for our next generations to come.

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