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Holi in Kumaon is not only an exuberant occasion but also a heritage that Kumaon has saved from degradation for eons. The native residents of Kumaon developed this culture of celebrating holi a month before the Dulhandi or “Charadi”. The holi is played in two major forms in the region : “Baithaki Holi” and “Khadi Holi”. Both forms are different from each other and hold significance in their respective mythologies. March is the month of holi in Kumaon, as people of Kumaon celebrate it after the actual world wide celebrations. There is much resembelance of Kumaoni Holi to that of Vrindavan Holi, as both are celebrated with “Krishna- Radha”. The Kumaoni holi is not only a social gathering of the people but also an effort to crack sarcasm on your arch enemy without any hesitation. But in the pre-Independednce era, holi in Kumaon was the biggest tool to influence the people from all over the place Uttarakhad. We searched about the roots of the “swadeshi” and “satyagraha” of the late 1920s and found that the network developed by the Holi in Kumaon affected and boosted the “Quit India Movement”. As Uttarakhandis were not impressed by the rhetoric of Socialism and Nationalism narrative , the belief of the natives on Mahatma Gandhi and his form of protest was at it’s zenith.

In this issue we have made an effort to reflect the role of Kumoni Holi in accelerating the ‘Swadeshi Andolan’. The issue has also covered the scripts of the legends from “Gorda”, “Girda”, Charu Chadra Pandey and many others, to the living legends like Deven Mewari to introspect on the Holi that is celebrated in Uttarakahnd.

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Nitin Chandola


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