uttarakhand assembly polls 2022

It seems 2022 is not too far now for Uttarakhand, the sleeping sects of politicians of the sober Himalayan region are again activated, some are trying to make  their last moment impact on the society whereas other parties are playing their debut match in the Himalayan soils in the upcoming assembly polls of 2022. 

Lastly , when the himalayan state chose the change of the power in the region, there were many expectations that were associated with that. The topics of Healthcare and facilities were not the primary factors for the BJP’s last win. It was the mismanagement of the state administration after the Keadarnath’s flash floods and the existential crisis of the Indian National  Congress in front of the uprising cases of corruption associated scams. 

After the 2019 parliamentary election INC has become weakest  after Independence in terms of the agenda and public support in the region, but also the floating politicians ( Dal Badlu) that are commonly recognizable in the politics of Uttarakhand made the elections worse in the sense of understanding the trends and stands of the political parties. In 2017, BJP became the replication of the Congress party (which was in power in early 2017) as Congress’s major and well known politicians left their host party to BJP , making it a clear cut that the political scenario in Uttarakhand is associated  only to power and Money in which the rats can also sneak through the tiny holes no matter how big the Canvas of the development will be projected to the public.

The state of Uttarakhand has witnessed the four successive years of BJP governance too. The agenda of the central government to invest in the region was ambitious but the state governance seemed less paced to complete their promises  on time. Except relying on the major projects of the Central government ( Chardham all weather roads, chardham railway expansion etc.) the state government has been a show watcher for their term. The lack of availability of a considerable amount of Government Jobs and lack of induction of new industries in the industrial areas has not only created a stigma in the professional skilled laborers to migrate from this himalayan state. The roots of the healthcare facility in uttarakhand has always been the issue, Covid 19  outbreak in india showed the shabby face of the healthcare not only in the nation but also in Uttarakhand particularly, where the remote areas faced highest inconsistency in the healthcare facilities due to pending payments of the State government to their vendors. The strikes by public sectors and government employees for their desired rights for better living standards have been neglected by the BJP led government. Many of the responses to the demands of the government employees of the Healthcare sector were neglected during the Covid 19 Pandemic too. The cut of the allowances of the one, those served as the frontline workers during these difficult times was the brutal of the steps. 

Hence, this rush to make an impact that the present government and their MLAs are working for the development of the society is only a dilemma to convert the respective voted banks into leads during 2022 elections. The parties like AAP are searching the opportunities in the region to convert the vote banks of comrades and socialistic approach. But, it is in the roots of Uttarakhand that people have paid a heavy cost of socialism during the Uttarakhand state formation movement. Being the Himalayan state of Highest GST collection of 2020, it is clear that the personal private business have been the center of the boosting GDP but, the capitalism at the cost of Environmental factors of Himalayas is the main concerns of the natives. It is clear that many of the projects initiated to boost tourism in the region have faced suits in the NGT and Supreme Courts. Hence, for the party to gain the confidence of the citizens, the negligence of a sustainable approach to the development can become a silent factor of losing the Groundroots.    


Nitin Chandola

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