flying without wings

By Ayushi Nagalia

Presented by Ravinder Singh, Flying Without Wings is written by Rishabh Puri and is published by Blank Ink and HarperCollins Publishers India. The author, Rishabh Puri is an Indian originated entrepreneur with a passion of writing fiction. Flying Without Wings is his second novel, the first being Inside the Hearts of Hope, which saw great success.

The cover of the book is a stereotypical romance-novel cover with the tile and author’s name standing out above the contrasting colors of the background picture of a couple.

The blurb of the book reads: “This is a story of hope and joy in the times of heartache and trial. Of finding the perfect person in the imperfect situations. And of love’s power to carry us through our darkest times.”

The blurb stands true as the book indeed is a beautiful story that instills hope and strength within the reader’s heart as they witness Mili Bajwa and Karan Singhania fall instantaneously in love with each other while each struggle against the individual evils in their lives.

The story is set in Chandigarh were Mili Bajwa is described as a poor girl who works at the airport and day dreams about freedom from the monotony and grief of her life. Things worsen for her as she hears of the sudden demise of her brother, Karan, and is left alone to deal with her ignorant and rather difficult mother. On the other hand, Karan Singhania is a successful entrepreneur who feels lonely and aloof from the society as all the people that he meets or befriends use him for his piles of money. He craves for true companionship, which he finds in Mili. Just when both were dreaming of a future together, things start to go downhill in their own lives and they struggle to balance between their romance and problems. The story’s real charm lies in how they manage to keep their love alive while in the hardest times of their lives and how never falter to support each other.

The story unfolds slowly, yet gracefully in front of the reader, assuring a juxtaposition of a sense of mystery with a sense of revelation. Such a complex yet beautiful writing style amounts to the reader not willing to put the book down without reaching to the very end. The diction is simple and understandable, which makes Flying Without Wings an idea light-read. The writing style which complies to the modern trends is easy-going, yet not without grandeur. The writer knows how to engage his readers by promising a revelation at the end of every chapter.

The book gains the reader’s utmost respect in a swift or first read, however, when looked deeply, the book suffers from a few plot holes or unrealistic character flaws. For instance, while Mili Bajwa is constantly described as poor, her lifestyle does not reflect poverty, even though the narrator keeps on insisting of it. There seems to be a few repetitions of words, hence poor proofreading towards the end of the book. But all that is alright, because the story is worth experiencing and the book is a must read modern romance fiction.

Overall, the book stands at a 4 out of 5 points in rating and I would recommend it to everyone who is into romance fiction and is tired of reading stereotypical Indian romance authors and are willing to witness something fresh.

One thought on “Flying Without Wings – Book Review”

  1. It was a typical contemporary romance novel, with typical story. Nothing fresh about it. Neither the writing style or narration. It was monochromatic most of it. I love romance novels but this is far from 4 on scale of 5. Thank you for the review anyway.

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