Why failure is important in life                                                                                                          


  1. Failure is the universal teacher

Ask any successful person about their success mantra, the only story they will repeat will be of their failure in personal or professional life. Failure teaches us to take a step back like a tiger to grab your chance.

  1. Constant success makes us weak

We pray for success all the time, what if we get it constantly? It will make us weak. The constant success is an indicator that we are not yet out of our comfort level.

  1. It’s a level indicator

Sometimes we are not able to estimate the difficulty level of the coming events hence the failure becomes the measuring instrument constantly heading us towards the success.

  1. Failure makes life disciplined.

Saw those army personals with damn disciplined life it is the resultant of all the failure they faced during training process. The failure improves the life and our perspective of understanding the obstruction.

  1. It’s the first step for right ending

Edison tried hundred times to make a simple halogen bulb. First attempts have minimum probability of success but they have maximum probability of learning.

  1. Failure is the experience

“Experience is the name given to the failure” it reminds us that all the biographies and autobiographies present in the libraries are not basically the success stories but it’s a step to understand the failure.

  1. Failure makes life realistic

Living a life based on fantasies is nothing but a dilemma to die a fairy tale but, as soon as we hit the failure the maturity to understand that the life and its course as an realistic in sense struck us.

  1. Failure takes us to the truth

The one who lick your ass isn’t your friend, this is what the failures makes us to learn. The realization and the awakening of mind is directly related to the failure you have faced in your life.



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