by Shivnetri Kushwaha

An education system of a society is believed to produce students who grow to become the pillars of it. But what if under the same system its students are taught hogwash that decays the society from within? Or maybe are misled to follow norms that stand against the very ideology of education. As an education system is supposed to teach its students not to body shame and judge someone on the basis of its skin, weight or height. However, not too long ago was the class 12 CBSE textbook found claiming 36-24-36 as the ideal figure for women. “That is why also in competitions like the Miss World or Miss Universe, such type of shape is taken into consideration,” further stated the textbook. So before, bullying of students was indirect by choosing the prettiest looking girl from the class for the role of a princess but, now the hypocritical system has started to print it straight. This isn’t even a mistake on the part of the Education Board, it is just another aspect of the society which it highlights. The aspect of sheer ignorance. Ignorance towards the basic moralities, ignorance that heads only to set up a hypocrite world.

Coming to the basic element of education i.e. the language. Which is, although, a method of human communication but becomes a primary medium of instruction, once the term ‘English’ gets attached to it. And is then counted as a subject by the Education Board. The same subject, after failing in which, the school does not even consider student’s other subject test papers to be evaluated. Nevertheless, it is found to be of utter difficulty for many to understand the hypocrisy involved here. The hypocrisy of the society to first send its children to an English Medium school after spending lump some amount of money, as a decent amount could not do in private schools which are believed to be providing better quality education. Owing to which they have now sadly turned into business hubs. Then further make their children learn English as their first language along with our mother tongue, Hindi. And later label them as wannabes struggling to ape Englishmen. Moreover, it also somewhere highlights the hypocrisy of our Education system which, at one place, teaches the impacts of British colonial rule that has led into English becoming the official language of communication serving as a bridge among various linguistic groups within India. Whereas, on the other hand, questions the frequent use of the English language but Hindi.

Wasn’t our nation supposed to be a democratic one, which’d had long back raised boundaries from the use of language to the choice of clothes or even religion? Then why has it become too difficult to understand that is the content which requires much of our attention and not the need of focusing on the judgement of the language it is conveyed in. The race and colour of a person should not identify the language he chooses to speak in and also how he talks.

Many schools which follow the routine of English language just for the sake of it or may be just because their school board reads “ENGLISH MEDIUM” in capitals letters, should even respect it in every context and also understand that English is being taught and spoken largely only because it is a Universal language and not because someone wants to be known for talking “white”. Instead of drawing a line between the two languages i.e. Hindi and English, the Education board should, rather, make sure to clear how it is absolutely normal for one to speak in any language he wishes to. And any language has its own significant place in the world and should be respected. And if the system feels an urgent need to educate people regarding the essence of our mother tongue then it shall first quit the procedure of removing Hindi from classes 11 and 12 and keeping it as a mere optional subject.

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