doon mozaic

It’s been three years since our initiative of documenting the different aspects of Dehradun and its nearby regions was started. We have achieved the milestone of publishing our Fourth Volume successfully in May 2019. This journal consists of the stories that were documented in 2018, as 2018 contains only one volume that was published in the larger scale in Dehradun. This volume will be hitting the bookstores and news agencies and the nearest accommodations by May 2019.

This volume is the reflectance of different personalities that lived in Uttarakhand and worked for its betterment and upgradation. With such tone, our team of columnist also emphasised on the sustainable goals that are focused by the Government of Uttarakhand in perspective to the Vision 2030. I am highly obliged to the team of hardworking and dedicated columnists and illustrators who have made this issue a success, reaching a new milestone with thousands of online readership monthly.

My hearty welcome to Debarshi Biswas as content editor. This book is in your hand due to the marketing efforts of our Marketing and Publicity Head, Ritika Chandola. Vaibahv Naudiyal, illustrator and technician, designed the main cover for The Doon Mozaic, Volume 4.

It’s been a wonderful journey with our readers, for any queries contact us at

Happy Reading!

Nitin Chandola

Editor In Chief