Editorial, October 2017 “Story of Uttarakhand Andolan”

In these 17 years of realization of Uttarakhand, we have been the witness of a change in both behavioral and awareness of Uttarakhand’s citizen. The state which was made to cultivate the remote Himalayan region has deviated from its motive. The Plains and valleys like Dehradun, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar were brought up as suitable developed sites. With instability in authority to the failed dogmas of achieving its prime aims like Immigration, unemployment, alcoholism, Uttarakhand’s future seems to be gloomy as per the current rate and procedures of development.

The uprooted corruption cases in socio-political plethora designate that Uttarakhand has become a breeding state for fraudulent national level politicians. Since 17 years, two major national level parties Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress are governing the state, so these parties can easily be apprehended responsible for allowing cliques to mine the Himalayan resources. Uttarakhand stood for making its distinctiveness in India and the world. The state that was to be grown as tourism dominated and energy associated state was failed by the cheap partisan deeds. The immigration has increased in the region and has severely affected the Pauri and Almora region. The people are losing their willpower to make their living from the sources available in the hills. From education to the jobs, the youth are forced to settle in the metro political cities.

Alcoholism accomplished to a new height when Supreme Court banned the liquor shop on National Highways. The liquor shops are now available in densely populated cities of Uttarakhand. Alcoholism is not only an acting termite in our society but also acting demoraliser to the youth. Today, the youth is afraid to stand for the environment and unsustainable development of the region. The condition of 1978 Uttarakhand was better than Uttarakhand of 21st century. Nowadays, It seems to be a dream that an uneducated woman like Gaura Devi, stood for the environment without any personal interest.

This issue will be covering all the aspects of the Uttarakhand Andolan and we will be conveying you this issue as a story. The evaluation of past, present, and future is also included in this issue. I would like to welcome Anjali Agrahari and Arushi Jain on our editorial board.

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Happy reading!

Nitin Chandola

(Editor- in- Chief)


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